October 99¢ and Free Spooky Historical Romances

BookFunnel October promotion Spooky Historical Romances

This month, I’ve organized a promotion at BookFunnel featuring spooky historical romance reads that are free or 99cents. You’ll find Something Wicked This Way Comes and The Last Highlander among the listings, as well as other romances by bestselling authors. The promotion runs through the end of the month.

Visit the landing page.

2 thoughts on “October 99¢ and Free Spooky Historical Romances

    • I’m sorry that you were disappointed, but I think that may become a trend going forward, Susan. Amazon has never allowed ebooks to be priced at $0.00 but could match a free price at another portal, at their discretion. They are less inclined to price-match in recent months, and often end a price match without warning.It’s increasingly common for authors to pay for a big promotion, like a BookBub ad, only to discover on the day of the promotion that their book is no longer free at Amazon. Since Amazon is such a big retailer, this can make the promotion unprofitable. Many authors are skewing to 99cent promotions instead. Also, some of these books are enrolled in Kindle Unlimited: under that program, a book can be free for just 5 days out of a 90 day period, so it is possible that some of the participating authors have planned a short free period during the month.


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