The Reading Guide is Updated!

My reading guide is updated for 2020! I’m a bit late this year, but it’s done now. This free digital volume includes information about all of my books and series, with suggestions for reading order, tropes, etc. I change the colour of the cover each year so you can tell easily which one you have – this year, it’s blue with pink.

You can download the guide free at your portal of choice. If it’s not free at Amazon in your territory, you can download your free copy at BookFunnel.

New Bookmarks

My stash of bookmarks is getting quite low, mostly because all the conferences were cancelled this year so I didn’t order new ones. I’m fixing that this week. 🙂

Here’s the new bookmark for the Champions of St. Euphemia series, with their pretty new covers:

Here’s the front and back (they’re squished together) of the new bookmark for the Rogues & Angels series. It has all three of the current covers, and I think it’s soooooo pretty!

As always, bookmarks are yours for the asking. If you’d like any of these, just let me know!

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