Each of the tabs on this site lists books that take place in the same fictional world, in their reading order. Sayerne is my oldest medieval realm and one that is in the process of becoming a lot bigger. My first eleven medieval romances were published by Harlequin Historicals, some as standalones and some with links between them. The new editions are being revised to all take place in the same world, with more connections between the characters and stories.

Rogues & Angels features a company of knights who met during the First Crusade and fought together in Outremer. They were younger sons, disinherited sons, bastards and warriors with few prospects in Europe and very little to lose. They became a successful group, characterized by daring and feared by the enemy. The series begins as they return home, each in search of a future.

  1. One Knight Enchanted
  2. One Knight’s Return