Blood Brothers Character List

This character list is a work-in-progress and will be updated with each book’s publication. If you’re behind on reading the series, there may be spoilers!

Alys Armstrong—daughter of Robert Armstrong and a reputed witch, she is living on her family holding in poverty when Maximilian returns to claim Kilderrick. She has dark hair and green eyes and a burn scar on her face and arm, a souvenir of Maximilian’s initial attack on Kilderrick. Her story is told in The Wolf & the Witch.

Amaury de Vries—oldest son of Gaston and Florine but learns at funeral in W&W that Jean le Beau was his father, and is disinherited as a result. A knight, active in tournaments, has a destrier (Zephyr) which is chestnut with a white star on his brow, a falcon (Persephone) and three hounds (Bête, Y, Z) when cast out by Gaston. Darker blond hair and deeper blue eyes than Maximilian and one year younger. He takes a roast partridge to the women in the forest, as thanks for Elizabeth saving his falcon. At the end of W&W, he abandons his command of Kilderrick to pursue the men who have abducted Elizabeth. He fails to retrieve her, but the king shares the story of Elizabeth’s betrothal and Amaury rides for the Moffatt family holding west of Dumfries at the end of W&W with Oliver. His book is The Hunter & the Heiress.

Anna—Elizabeth’s mother, married to Percival D’Acron in an arranged marriage that became a love match. She died of a fever when Elizabeth was twelve and Percival was never the same.

Armorer (Unnamed)—he comes from Carlisle to Kilderrick to work/live at the end of The Wolf & the Witch

Bayard—Henri’s 6-year old son (unnamed in The Wolf & the Witch)

Beth Carter—a villager in Rowan Fell who is a brewster; she is married to Niall.

Calum Moffatt—Elizabeth’s betrothed, came to Beaupoint to collect her only to find that she had fled. He offered a generous reward for her delivery.

Ceara—a woman who has taken shelter with Alys, the second to join her. She’s a redhead with hazel eyes, originally from the Isles whose family traded in horses. She hunts with a bow and provides meat for the women, and also despises Jeannie. She steals Rafael’s destrier, intending to sell him in Carlisle, and implicates him with his dagger when the Smith’s pig is stolen – and gives Oliver’s dagger to Alys in The Wolf & the Witch. Her story is The Dragon & the Damsel.

Cormac Smith—the smith of Rowan Fell who accuses Rafael of seducing his daughter, Isobeal, in The Wolf & the Witch. His wife is Nerida.

Denis—the cook of de Vries who accompanies Maximilian with his wife Marie

Dorcha—Nyssa’s pet raven

Eamon Ross—sheriff of Rowan Fell (surname not mentioned in The Wolf & the Witch)

Elizabeth d’Acron—daughter of an English nobleman (Percival D’Acron) who fled her arranged marriage to Calum Moffatt. She was subsequently abducted by reivers and her maidenhead taken. She escaped them when Alys, Ceara and Nyssa robbed them of their spoils and joined Alys’ company of women almost a year before W&W. She has auburn hair and brown eyes, is easily startled, plus misses the comforts of her father’s hall. Elizabeth is the one who understands the law and also military strategy: she anticipates what Maximilian will do to rout them, and suggests they set a trap for the spy who will seek them out, just as her father would have done. She turns her ankle, fleeing from Amaury, and is captive in Maximilian’s camp. At the end of The Wolf & the Witch, she is captured by two of Godfroy’s men, to be delivered to Calum Moffatt for the offered bounty. Her story is The Hunter & the Heiress.

Eudaline—a healer from de Vries and an elderly woman with vision problems who accompanies Maximilian to Scotland.

Finlay Smith—a villager in Rowan Fell and formerly the smith, he no longer mans the forge because of his age. He has two sons, Cormac and Tynan. His son Cormac is now smith of Rowan Fell.

Gaston de Vries—brother of Mathilde, Lord of Château Puissance at beginning of The Wolf & the Witch, claims de Vries as oldest son of the blood. He has married three times – betrothed Florine raped by Jean le Beau, resulting in Amaury, two more sons Philip and Gasper. He is pale blond with silvery eyes.

Godfroy Macdonald—Alys’ betrothed, the third and youngest son of the Lord of the Isles who rejected Alys when she was scarred. He returns at the end of The Wolf & the Witch, having been summoned by Murdoch. He’s described as dark of hair, large and burly, with flashing green-grey eyes and a sense of entitlement. Nyssa has heard tales of his charm and his mother’s indulgence of him. Two of his men take Elizabeth captive to deliver her to Calum and claim the offered coin.

Gwendolyn—Murdoch’s mother, a maid in the service of the Percy’s, who was raped and left pregnant by Jean le Beau. She married Rupert Campbell, an older and kindly man, who raised her son as his own. She died when Murdoch was five.

Henri—the ostler from de Vries who accompanies Maximilian with his 6-year old son, Bayard. His wife died in childbirth and he is talkative when it comes to horses.

Isobeal Smith—the youngest daughter of Finlay who is seduced by Rafael in The Wolf & the Witch, prompting her family to demand retribution from Maximilian.

James D’Acron—a cleric and Elizabeth’s uncle, who finalized her arranged marriage to Calum Moffatt after her father’s death, despite her objections. He also holds Beaupoint.

Jean le Beau—a notorious mercenary and father of the four brothers, Maximilian, Rafael, Amaury and Murdoch. The series starts with his funeral. He served the Percy family in Alys’ recollection.

Jeannie Ross—wife of Eamon and notorious gossip. She recognizes Murdoch when he arrives and Maximilian notices her surprise. She also remembers that Murdoch swore vengeance upon the Silver Wolf for the death of his father, Rupert.

Louis—a squire in Maximilian’s company who rides to hunt with Amaury and Oliver. He also helps to rethatch the roofs of the huts at Kilderrick.

Mallory—a squire in Maximilian’s company. He goes with Rafael in search of Ceara.

Marie—Denis’ wife, who accompanies Maximilian to Scotland, a baker

Masons (unnamed)—they arrive to rebuild Kilderrick in The Wolf & the Witch and leave at Christmas, intending to return the following spring.

Mathilde de Vries—mother of Maximilian, lady of Château de Vries until death of Jean le Beau, retired to the convent of Ste. Radegunde at the beginning of W&W, raped by Jean in front of her father which was the only time they were intimate.

Matteo—a mercenary from the Compagnie Rouge who accompanies Maximilian to Scotland; sleek and sinuous, dark-haired with silver at his temples, he has a slight limp and a scar on his cheek.

Maximilian de Vries—oldest son of Jean le Beau, a mercenary known as the Silver Wolf, former leader of the Companie Rouge, only son of Mathilde de Vries, blond with blue eyes. His black destrier is Tempest and his squire is Reynaud. He weds Alys Armstrong in their book, The Wolf & the Witch.

Miller’s son (unnamed)—he was the one who claimed Isobeal’s maidenhead

Morag—the woman of the woods and healer who took in Alys when she was burned and orphaned, tended her injuries and taught her to survive in the forest. Her hut is destroyed by Maximilian in W&W to ensure that the women don’t have a sanctuary-but he has the masons rebuild it later as residence for Nyssa and Ceara. Morag had left Alys four small vials, each containing an herbal remedy. Only one has contents in W&W and is hidden beneath the hearth stone, and Alys is relieved to see that the women took it. Morag had been Alys’ nursemaid but left Kilderrick when Robert assaulted her and moved to the hut in the woods. Morag did ensure that the dead Robert was buried in the church in Rowan Fell, though Alys cannot imagine how it was done.

Murdoch Campbell—son of Rupert Campbell, the castellan of Robert Armstrong. He has red hair, blue eyes, a beard, and thirst for vengeance. He blames Maximilian for his father’s death and vowed that he would avenge himself upon Jean le Beau and his followers. At the end of W&W, he is revealed as the killer of Jean le Beau, when he summons Godfroy to attack Kilderrick and (apparently) kills Maximilian. Murdoch does not realize in The Wolf & the Witch that Jean le Beau was also his own father. His mother was a serving maid, Gwendolyn, who was raped by Jean le Beau and cast out by her family. She married the much-older Rupert who showed her kindness and took responsibility for her son. Murdoch’s story is The Scot & the Sorceress.

Nathalie—an orphan who served as a maid at de Vries and accompanies Maximilian to Scotland. She serves as Alys’ maid and marries Tynan Smith at the end of The Wolf & the Witch.

Nerida—a friend of Morag’s, she keeps bees and grows herbs and flowers in Rowan Fell and lives with her grand-daughter.

Nerida’s grand-daughter (unnamed)—she is skilled with a needle and sews new kirtles for Alys

Niall Carter—a villager from Rowan Fell who owns an ox; his wife is Beth

Nicholas—a squire in Maximilian’s company. Maximilian summons him with a whistle of three notes.

Nyssa—one of the women who have taken shelter with Alys, the first. She is from the north and reputed to be a sorceress. She is tall, lithe and blond with green eyes. She has a witching stone, that she looks through to see the future, and keeps a pet raven. She goes to the Ninestang Ring each high quarter day, seeking a vision. Her story is The Scot & the Sorceress.

Odette—the gold and white hen that Nerida Smith gives to Maximilian in tribute for his judgement in favor of her daughter, which then follows him around the camp and sits on his lap.

Oliver—a squire in Maximilian’s company who is assigned to Amaury and also sent by Maximilian to spy on the three women in the forest. Maximilian thinks him clever, adept with languages and a good stalker. Oliver is captured, then returned to the company uninjured but naked and painted blue with woad. His dagger is also taken by the women and later given to Alys. He accompanies Amaury in pursuit of Elizabeth at the end of The Wolf & the Witch. He is tall but still slender, about 16, has straight brown hair and green eyes.

Percival D’Acron—Elizabeth’s father and an ally of Walter Stewart. He died and his holding of Beaupoint (west of Carlisle) passed to his younger brother, James, a cleric, along with the wardship of Elizabeth.

Philip de Vries—son of Gaston and that man’s second wife, made Lord de Puissance by his father on Jean le Beau’s death. He writes to Maximilian in W&W, asking to hire the Compagnie Rouge to drive Gaston out of de Vries and claim that keep. He offers it to Maximilian as payment. Rafael rides to his assistance instead.

Priest of Rowan Fell (unnamed)—he is described as tall and angular, with a white tonsure and assessing gaze. He becomes flustered in Maximilian’s presence.

Rafael—third brother, son of Jean le Beau, swarthy dark good looks but blue eyes, a mercenary with a speciality in Greek fire. Destrier is Phantôm, a dapple, and he is Venetian. He expected to be captain-at-arms of Kilderrick and when Maximilian delayed making him sheriff of Rowan Fell in the interim, he left Scotland to provide military aid to Philip at Château de Vries. His story is The Dragon & the Damsel.

Reynaud—Maximilian’s squire. He is almost as tall as Maximilian, about 15 in The Wolf & the Witch, lanky with dark wavy hair and dark eyes, thickly lashed. He blushes in Alys’ presence and is fastidious.

Robert Armstrong—the former laird of Kilderrick who dabbled in sorcery and Alys’ father. He was burned to death in the fire started by Maximilian in the first assault upon the holding.

Rona—an older villager in Rowan Fell who keeps goats and sells their milk, also makes cheese

Royce— a mercenary from the Compagnie Rouge who accompanies Maximilian to Scotland; large and bearded with hair that hangs to his waist and a ring on every finger, he is missing an eye and part of one ear. He whittles and carves wood, including a set of bowls in The Wolf & the Witch.

Rupert Campbell—Robert’s castellan and Murdoch’s father, he died in Maximilian’s initial attack on Kilderrick outside the door to the solar. He was defending Robert, but Maximilian did not strike him down. He died of age and fright, but Maximilian was blamed.

Tynan Smith—a villager in Rowan Fell and the younger son of Finlay Smith. He is a tall, quiet, dark man and comes to Kilderrick to be blacksmith for the Silver Wolf’s horses. He marries Nathalie at the end of The Wolf & the Witch.

Victor— a mercenary from the Compagnie Rouge who accompanies Maximilian to Scotland, large and swarthy, he is missing a finger on his left hand and a tooth, which is evident when he laughs.

William—a farmer from Rowan Fell who plays a harp

Yves—the former châtelain of Château de Vries who leads six to accompany Maximilian. (They include Denis and Marie, Nathalie, Henri and his 6 year old son, and Eudaline.) Yves is tall and older, with silver hair. He taught Maximilian to play chess as a child.