The Scoundrel

The Scoundrel, #2 of the Rogues of Ravensmuir series of medieval Scottish romances by Claire DelacroixBuy NowDear Reader—

It is true that I acted boldly, brazenly, wantonly…and I confess, I have only myself to blame. I knew what sort of man I was dealing with, knew Gawain Lammergeier was a rogue and a thief. Yet when I schemed to seduce him and reclaim what was rightfully mine, I never imagined I would succumb to the charms of this reckless, golden-haired scoundrel.

Make no mistake, I took what I came for—the sacred relic stolen from my father that can restore the fortunes of my keep. I should have been content then, to return home with my prize. Alas, I let desire rule me. For I have dared to tempt Gawain—to best me, bewitch me and even bed me, in pursuit of my treasure.

—Lady Evangeline of Inverfyre

A Rhapsody Book Club Selection

“Enthralling and compelling!”—

2003 Knight in Shining Silver (K.I.S.S.) Award
Romantic Times

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