The Moonstone

The Moonstone, a time travel romance and romantic comedy by Claire Delacroix

North England, 1390: Falsely accused of witchcraft, ever-optimistic Viviane is sure the truth will set her free. But when her execution is imminent, only a wish on an unusual moonstone pendant bequeathed by her father offers any solace. Thinking it harmless, and sympathetic to her plight, the knight escorting her to her execution grants her request—and is shocked when Viviane vanishes…

Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, 1999: Suddenly, Viviane finds herself in a wondrous realm she believes is the legendary Avalon. Befriended by some rather eccentric locals, she quickly finds the warmhearted island community happily compatible with her sunny disposition. But the hand of justice soon reaches across time and space to bring her back. The hand, however, belongs to the same handsome knight responsible for her freedom. And soon this powerful man, devoted to upholding the law, finds himself caught between duty and a far more powerful emotion…

Colorado Romance Writers’ Award of Excellence for Best Paranormal, Fantasy or Time Travel Romance

The Moonstone, a time travel romance by Claire Cross, original mass market edition
Original Mass Market Edition

“Consistently tickled my funny bone!”

The Romance Reader

“From the magical imagination of Claire [Delacroix] comes another enchanting fantasy!”


“In The Moonstone, Ms. [Delacroix] demonstrates her elegant flair for drawing the reader into characters and story.”

Romantic Times

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“Claire [Delacroix] has such an amazing talent! Her characters are vivid, her plots exciting and her books are a delight!”

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