Kinfairlie Tales

These stories fill in the gaps in the narrative of Ravensmuir, Kinfairlie, and Inverfyre.

The Rose of Ice, a Kinfairlie Tale and medieval romance by Claire DelacroixFirst will be The Rose of Ice, the tale of the seneschal’s daughter whose Fae suitor paid her bride price with a red rose made of ice. (The story is told by Alexander in The Rose Red Bride.) This story takes place after The Runaway Bride.

Next will be Roland and Catherine’s story, Roland’s Bride. Roland is the second son of Merlyn and Ysabella and they are the parents of the eight siblings at Kinfairlie. This story also takes place after The Scoundrel but before The Warrior.

Last will be Berthe’s story, The Darkest Knight. Berthe is the maid who comes to Ravensmuir to serve Ysabella in The Rogue. This story occurs ten years after The Rogue.

Details to come!