The Twelve Days of Christmas 3

Twelve Days of Christmas Historical Romance Feature 2018The Black Falcon's Christmas by Kimberly CatesThe Black Falcon’s Christmas
Celtic Rogues #2
Kimberly Cates

The Black Falcon rides again… An English Heiress lost… A Devil’s Bargain struck…
When English heiress Maryssa Wylder defied her father to wed an Irish patriot raider known as the Black Falcon, she thought she was ready for life as Tade Kilcannon’s wife and the mother of their son. But nothing her governesses taught her prepared her for tending a baby or being part of his large, boisterous family—a family that can’t forget she is the daughter of their greatest enemy.

Tade Kilcannon knows Maryssa is struggling after sacrificing a life of wealth and privilege for their great love. When he learns that her joyless father forbade celebrating Christmas, he dons the Black Falcon’s mask one last time to fight for their happily ever after. Can he give Maryssa a Christmas miracle?

Learn more about the Celtic Rogues series on Kimberly’s website.

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