One Knight’s Desire Cover Reveal

The Wolf & the Witch, book one of the Blood Brothers series of medieval Scottish romances by Claire DelacroixRight now, I have a pre-order for The Wolf & the Witch, book one of my new medieval Scottish trilogy, Blood Brothers. I deliberately chose a date next spring, and am planning to have the book done early in the new year. I’ll put up the pre-order for the next book in the series when book one publishes.

In the meantime, I intend to work on a couple of books that need to be written, tucking them into the corners and spare days. (Yes, I’m hunting for those!)

The first is One Knight’s Desire, book three of my Rogues & Angels series of medieval romances.

One Knight's Desire, book three of the Rogues & Angels series of medieval romances by Claire DelacroixThis is Lothair and Heloise’s story, the mercenary and healer known as the Viking to his comrades and the beautiful heiress whose very presence overwhelms him. (If you haven’t read about the company of knights returning from crusade, you can do that right here.) Heloise is interested in the charming rogue Niall MacGillivray but her domineering uncle has other plans. Lothair finds himself caught between his responsibility to his comrade and to his reluctant lady wife. We’ll also get to see the other knights in the company of rogues and angels again.

While the first two books in the Rogues & Angels series were revisions of previously published works, this is an entirely new book.

One Knight’s Desire will be published in the fall of 2021 but there are some pre-orders available now. Here’s the working copy:

One Knight's Desire, book three of the Rogues & Angels series of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix

Heloise dreams of a love-match to a noble knight, even though her marriage is for her grim uncle, the Lord de Tulley, to arrange. She knows that one of the knights in service to her uncle could hold her heart captive forever, but pragmatic Tulley is dismissive of such whimsy. He speaks of legacies and defenses, of practicalities that leave Heloise cold. She hopes to persuade him to her view, but when Tulley is healed by Lothair the Viking, an imposing and silent warrior who terrifies Heloise, her marriage is arranged to him against her will. She vows to win her way, no matter what the price—to herself, Tulley or Lothair.

A warrior and a healer, Lothair is accustomed to being caught between objectives. Still, experience has not prepared him for the temptation of Lady Heloise, the beautiful niece of his overlord. The maiden’s very presence steals his wits and renders him mute, while her barest glance fills his heart with wild yearning. Lothair has only his name and his honor to offer, which cannot be enough for an heiress, a beauty and a treasure like Heloise. Lothair knows that his charming rogue of a comrade desires Heloise only for her fortune, but is powerless to intervene—until the Lord de Tulley chooses practical Lothair as his heir and husband of lovely Heloise. The maiden pledges defiance, which a less resolute man might consider a bad portent. Lothair is undeterred. Can he prove himself worthy of the affection of his reluctant bride, or is he doomed to watch as his comrade breaks the lady’s heart?

Coming October 2021!

It’s too early for a lot of the pre-order links to go live – KOBO is the happy exception – but you can follow the book page, the blog here on the site, or the book at Goodreads.

Pre-order ebook at:
(link coming July 2021)
• Apple
(link coming November 1)
• Nook
(link coming November 1)
• GooglePlay
(link coming October 2021)
• Books2Read Universal Link


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