A Couple of Newsletter Changes

Knights & Rogues newsletter for Claire Delacroix's medieval romances

I’ve decided this month to switch newsletter service providers. My current service has changed a number of things, so it’s time for a move. This means a bunch of work behind the scenes for me, but for you, there are two changes.

First, the Knights & Rogues newsletter will look a bit different. This new provider gears their templates toward phones, so the newsletter will look more graphic. I kind of like that. It looks fresher.

Secondly, I’ve turned off the tour for Ravensmuir & Kinfairlie for the moment. If you sign up now, your email will go into a holding file until I rebuild the tour at the new newsletter service and launch it again (probably not before the fall). If you’re already on the tour, it will continue to be delivered to you from the old newsletter service.

One thing this new service doesn’t do is allow me to send newsletters based on time zones. I like that feature, but not enough to stay at the current provider. So, depending where you are, the newsletter might drop during the night.

Another thing this new service lets you do is choose some preferences. I’ve set that up for you to tell me where you prefer to shop. That way, when there’s a special available at just one portal, I can tell the people most interested in it. So, when you get the first newsletter from the new service on April 6, please scroll down to the footer, click on Manage Preferences and tell me where you shop.

If you haven’t subscribed to Knights & Rogues yet, you can do that right here. That’s a sign-up at the new service. 🙂

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