Time Travels in Kindle Unlimited

My three time travel romances – Once Upon a Kiss, The Last Highlander and The Moonstone, are now available to read in Kindle Unlimited, as is the boxed set, Timeless Loves. Their 90 day term ends on May 11 and I’ll decide in May whether to enroll them for another 90 days. If you’re a KU subscriber, here’s your chance to read these three popular romances!

Timeless Loves, a time travel boxed set by Claire Delacroix

Timeless Loves is a digital bundle including three full-length time travel romances: The Last Highlander, The Moonstone, and Once Upon a Kiss.

Surrender to three loves that transcend time!

In The Last Highlander, an illustrator’s research trip to Scotland takes a turn for romance when a handsome rogue of a 13th century Highlander insists that only she can send him home again and vows to whatever is necessary to win her favor. Soon Morgan finds herself torn between helping Alasdair and wanting to keep him forever.

Timeless Loves, a time travel romance boxed set by Claire Delacroix

In Once Upon a Kiss, a practical businessman discovers a sleeping beauty on his newly acquired Scottish property: not only does Aurelia complicate the renovation of Baird’s newest boutique hotel, but she thaws his heart and threatens to claim it forever.

In The Moonstone, a medieval knight allows a pretty condemned witch to make one last wish, never imagining that her sorcery will work. She drops her magical charm, and as a man of honor, he can only pursue her and ensure justice, wherever she has fled. But when Niall finds Vivian in a world filled with possibilities and passion, will he be able to resist the temptation to stay?

Three magical stories of love conquering the barrier of time!

Timeless Loves is now enrolled in Kindle Unlimited and the ebook is available exclusively at Amazon.

Buy Timeless Loves ebook:

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