First Knights is 99¢

From November 20 – 27, my four-book boxed set, First Knights, is discounted from $9.99 to just 99 cents! Don’t miss this chance to try four series starters and medieval romances.

FYI, I learned something this past weekend, btw, which will affect this deal if you live outside of the US. I used a feature called a Kindle Countdown Deal to change the price automatically on this book on schedule. I didn’t realize that a KCD only works on and only displays to shoppers who live in the US. So, I will discount this book again but internationally in December, to coincide with the next Knights & Rogues newsletter. That way, everyone can take advantage of the special. I apologize for my mistake. I had no idea!

First Knights, a digital bundle of four medieval romance series starters by Claire Delacroix

First Knights includes four medieval romance series starters from the Queen of Medieval Romance, Claire Delacroix. Be swept away to a realm of pageantry and chivalry, where each knight competes for his lady’s favor, each lady knows her heart’s desire—and love conquers all. Included in this digital bundle are four first-in-series medieval romances: One Knight Enchanted, The Princess, The Beauty Bride and The Crusader’s Bride.

In One Knight Enchanted—book #1 of the Rogues & Angels series—Annelise seeks refuge at a keep when she is separated from her party and pursued by hungry wolves. The price of admission is marriage to its mysterious lord, and she agrees—only to find herself in a luxurious palace, and seduced by her secretive spouse. Her new husband believes he is doomed, but Annelise knows that love can conquer all. Can she save her husband from the curse placed upon him, or will breaking her promise to him cost any chance to win his wary heart?

In The Princess—book #1 of the Bride Quest series—Brianna is obliged to choose one of three brothers as her husband. Instead, she challenges them, vowing to wed the one who brings her a gift that makes her laugh. She has no intention of laughing at all, but one brother, Luc, declines to follow her whim. Sparks fly between the willful princess and the disillusioned knight after his brothers depart, and from this battle of wills, an unexpected love dawns. When the other knights return, will Luc take up his sword again to defend the maiden who has claimed his heart, or will Brianna be compelled to wed another?

First Knights, a digital bundle of four medieval romance series starters by Claire Delacroix

In The Beauty Bride—book #1 of the Jewels of Kinfairlie series—Madeline flees her arranged marriage to the notorious outlaw Rhys FitzHenry, only to be pursued and seduced by her stubborn betrothed. Is she just a possession to this man who wants a son above all else, or can she capture his love for her own? Why does Rhys tell her so many stories, and what do they reveal about her enigmatic husband’s hidden heart?

In The Crusader’s Bride—book #1 of the Champions of St. Euphemia series—the widow Ysmaine makes a marriage of convenience, accepting the offer of a Templar knight in Jerusalem who is leaving the order to return to France. When their party is attacked, Ysmaine learns that Gaston carries a secret treasure in trust for the Templars, Ysmaine knows that her new husband’s survival may depend upon her assistance—and that this man of honor has stolen her heart. Can she persuade him of the merit of love and trust before it’s too late?

The First Knights digital boxed set includes four thrilling series starters by Claire Delacroix, bursting with medieval romance, adventure, suspense, and love everlasting. Be swept away to Claire’s medieval world in this introduction to four of her medieval romance series today!

The Wolf & the Witch into Kindle Unlimited

The Wolf & the Witch was enrolled in Kindle Unlimited this morning through February. If you’re a KU subscriber, you can read Maximilian and Alys’ story free!

The Wolf & the Witch, book one of the Blood Brothers trilogy of medieval Scottish romances by Claire Delacroix

Denied his rightful legacy, Maximilian de Vries devised a plan to avenge himself upon his father and see his own future secured. Allied with his two half-brothers, he descends upon ancient and mysterious Kilderrick, determined to seize the keep once promised to him, regardless of the price. A woman rumored to be a witch is the sole one bold enough to defy him but Maximilian has a solution—he will take her to wife, whether she be willing or nay, and seal his claim.

But this powerful warrior has yet to match wits with Alys Armstrong, a maiden with a thirst for vengeance and a fury that might exceed his own. Alys has no intention of capitulating to the proud and powerful rogue who stole everything from her—no matter how seductive his touch might be—and she does not share his compulsion to fight fair.

Bitter enemies from the outset, Maximilian and Alys’ match is a battle of wills. When passion flares, will either of them be able to resist temptation? And when Kilderrick itself is in peril, will they join forces to save the holding they each prize—and the unexpected love they value above all else?

Five star review for The Wolf & the Witch, book one of the Blood Brothers series of medieval Scottish romances by Claire Delacroix

Here’s a blog post about my inspiration for Kilderrick.

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– like Maximilian, Jean le Beau and Rafael.

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the reigning monarch during this series.

Here’s a blog post about “poppy powder”.

Five star review for The Wolf & the Witch, book one of the Blood Brothers series of medieval Scottish romances by Claire Delacroix

The Wolf & the Witch is exclusive to Amazon and enrolled in Kindle Unlimited through February 2022.

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Blood Brothers Heading for KU

The Wolf & the Witch, book one of the Blood Brothers trilogy of medieval Scottish romances by Claire Delacroix

This fall, I enrolled most of my historical romances in Kindle Unlimited, since Amazon is the portal where I sell the most historical romance. The exceptions were the Brides of North Barrows series—some of those stories are in anthologies that are available at all portals, so they’re ineligible for Kindle Unlimited and Blood Brothers. The Wolf & the Witch is available at all portals and so is the pre-order for The Hunter & the Heiress. Having the other books in KU working out fairly well and it sure is a lot less work to manage.

I had a hard look at Blood Brothers this past weekend, and it is amazing how heavily skewed the numbers are toward Amazon. I’ve started to take The Wolf & the Witch down from wide publication, with the goal of enrolling it in Kindle Unlimited by the middle of November. It’s come down first from the aggregators and KOBO, since those distribution chains take the longest to change.

The Hunter & the Heiress, book two of the Blood Brothers series of medieval Scottish romances by Claire Delacroix

The Hunter & the Heiress is available for pre-order at some portals and of course, I want to honor the pre-orders that exist. I’ll try a strategy popular with historical romance authors with this book—the book will be published at those portals so the pre-orders can be fulfilled. It will available in wide distribution for a week before being moved into Kindle Unlimited and made exclusive to Amazon. This works well for other authors and may prove to be the path going forward.

The Regencies sell much better than the medievals at other portals, so I’m thinking about starting another Regency series that will be widely available.

Historical Romances in KU BookFunnel Promotion

Historial Romances in Kindle Unlimited

I’m participating this month in a BookFunnel promotion featuring historical romances in Kindle Unlimited. You’ll find The Beauty Bride and The Crusader’s Bride on the landing page, along with many more books. Load up your Kindle with these historical romances from popular authors!

Visit the landing page.

The Crusader’s Heart in German

The Crusader’s Heart is available now in a German edition, in both ebook and print! It’s also enrolled in Kindle Unlimited.

The Crusader's Heart, book two of the Champions of St. Euphemia series of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix, German edition

Wulf kannte seinen Platz – bis Christina ihn lehrte, auf mehr zu hoffen …

Als Tempelritter hat Wulf, ein Mann, der als Waise aufgewachsen ist und um sein Überleben kämpfen musste, dem Orden sein Leben gewidmet. Sowohl den Orden als auch seine Brüder wird er bis zum Letzten verteidigen. Doch als er trotz eines bevorstehenden Angriffs auf Jerusalem dazu abgeordnet wird, eine wertvolle Fracht nach Paris zu bringen, wehrt er sich dagegen. Die Aufgabe setzt ihm so sehr zu, dass er in einem venezianischen Bordell nach Ablenkung sucht. Wulf rechnet nicht damit, dort einer überaus schönen und scharfsinnigen Kurtisane zu begegnen, die ihn um Hilfe bittet – und schon gar nicht damit, ein unerwartetes Verlangen zu verspüren, ihre Bitte zu erfüllen …

Christina begreift sofort, dass der grimmige Ritter ihre Chance darstellt, einem verhassten Leben zu entkommen und ihr Vermächtnis wiederzuerlangen. Sie muss Wulf nur davon überzeugen, ihr beim Verlassen der Stat zu helfen, eine Herausforderung, die mehr verlangt als bloße Veführungskünste. Als Wulf angegriffen wird, nutzt sie die Gelegenheit, ihm ihren Wert zu beweisen, ohne zu wissen, ob sie der Situation gewachsen ist.

Als sich während der Reise die Zwischenfälle häufen und die kleine Gruppe in Gefahr gerät, ist es Christina, die errät, worum es sich bei der geheimen Fracht der Tempelritter handelt – und die den Schlüssel zu ihrer erfolgreichen Überbringung in Händen hält. Unterdessen entdeckt Wulf verblüfft, dass sie das Herz zum Leben erweckt, dessen Existenz er fast vergessen hatte – und als sie ihr eigenes Leben riskiert, um den Erfolg der Mission zu gewährleisten, muss er sich zwischen seiner Pflicht und seiner neu entdeckten Liebe entscheiden …

The Crusader's Heart, book two of the Champions of St. Euphemia series of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix, German edition

Des Kreuzfahrers Braut, Taschenbuch: