The Warrior’s Prize now Available in Italian

The Warrior’s Prize, book four of the True Love Brides series of medieval Scottish romances, is now available in an Italian edition called La ricompensa del guerriero.

La ricompensa del guerriero

La ricompensa del guerriero is the Italian edition of The Warrior's Prize, book four of the True Love Brides series of medieval Scottish romances by Claire Delacroix

La fanciulla era solo un altro bottino da conquistare…finchè non fu lei a rubargli il cuore e a cambiare la sua vita per sempre. 

Indignata per il fatto che l’anima dell’amato fratello sia destinata a diventare il tributo che le fate pagheranno all’Inferno, Elizabeth sa che deve salvarlo. Dopotutto, è l’unica della sua famiglia in grado di vederle ed è già caduta nella trappola che il loro re in persona le ha teso. Malcom può anche essersi comportato onorevolmente, offrendosi al posto dell’amico, ma Elizabeth sa chi tra i due è più meritevole di vivere e di certo non è quella bella canaglia di Rafael, che bada unicamente ai propri interessi. Dovrebbe essere facile fare una scommessa con un mercenario, soprattutto perché ad Elizabeth non importa il prezzo che dovrà pagare. Con sua grande sorpresa, però, Rafael non solo accetta la sfida, ma annulla l’incantesimo del re Finvarra con baci che le trasformano il sangue in fuoco liquido. Possibile che sia proprio questo guerriero apparentemente senza cuore l’amore che le è stato destinato e che lei aspetta da sempre? 

Al primo incontro, Rafael crede che Elizabeth sia un angelo inviato dal cielo per giudicare i suoi misfatti e sa bene quale sarà il suo verdetto. La necessità di sopravvivere lo ha costretto a fare delle scelte delle quali non è orgoglioso. Ma Elizabeth lo sfida a cambiare, e la sua audacia risveglia in lui una nobiltà d’animo che aveva dimenticato di possedere. Riuscirà questa coraggiosa fanciulla a sanare le ferite del suo passato? Riuscirà Rafael a guadagnarsi il diritto di donarle la vita che merita, e, soprattutto, a farlo prima che il re delle fate tenda la sua trappola, rendendo Elizabeth sua prigioniera per sempre?

Great Start to the Year

We started the new year off well with that sale on The Wolf & the Witch. Even when I returned it to the regular price yesterday, Maximilian was still on the charts. It’s been a while since I’ve seen such a long tail on a BookBub Featured Deal. He is one stubborn guy. LOL

The Wolf & the Witch at #2 in Ancient World Romance and #7 in Medieval Romance at on January 9, 2023

I’m also thrilled with the results of my first Kickstarter campaign ever. The 15th Anniversary HardCover Omnibus Editions of the Dragonfire Novels funded at 350%, which was great. My plan for 2023 is to work on building my platform at KS, so I’ll be offering other existing series in new editions. Based on this campaign’s performance, I’m not going to bother with stretch goals and my new campaigns will be shorter. They’ll be more like flash sales and limited-time opportunities to buy both digital content from me and signed print books. I’ll only be selling print books directly through Kickstarter. In 2024, I plan to offer more new content through Kickstarter and Patreon early, before it’s available at the portals.

Kickstarter requires one campaign to be completely fulfilled before I can create even a landing page for a new one, so my planned campaigns for this year won’t have long previews. I hope to have four campaigns per year, two for my PNR and two for my historicals. We’ll see how the timing works out on that!

The Bride Quest 25th anniversary hardcover omnibus editions by Claire Delacroix at Kickstarter

My second campaign at Kickstarter will feature hardcover omnibus editions of the Bride Quest trilogies. (Can you believe it’s been 25 years since the publication of The Princess?) There will be two omnibus editions, one for each trilogy, and the covers will look a lot like the digital bundles. There will, of course, also be some exclusive swag and the omnibus editions will only be available through Kickstarter. This first campaign will be your opportunity to have your copies signed and the page edges gilded. (This is one of my new tricks!) That will run in the spring, ideally in April, but maybe in May.

My third campaign will be for a hardcover omnibus edition of The Dragon Diaries with interior illustrations. I’d like to run another Delacroix Kickstarter in the fall, but we’ll see how the timing works out. Fulfillment of print editions can be an issue in November and December.

If you love special editions for your keeper shelf or early access to new stories, you’ll want to follow me at both Kickstarter and Patreon so you don’t miss out. Short campaigns mean you need to act quickly!

Follow me at Kickstarter

Follow me at Patreon

I’m also going to start sharing Kickstarter campaigns with you that I find intriguing, so that you can get an idea of what’s available there. Here’s an upcoming campaign from Christina Phillips for her Scottish medieval romances, The Highland Warrior Chronicles. You can follow the campaign now and be notified when it launches.

Heartwarming Historical Romance

Heartwarming Historical Romances BookFunnel promotion January 2023

I’m participating in a multi-author BookFunnel promotion this month, featuring heartwarming historical romances. You’ll find a number of multi-author boxed sets on the landing page, like Rogues Ladies and Mistletoe, as well as my own Brides of North Barrows bundle. You can choose your sales portal for each book. This promotion continues for the month of January.

Visit the landing page here.

Audiobook Sale at Chirp

Starting this week, my audiobook bundle Kinfairlie Knights is on sale at Chirp! It’s discounted from $29.99 to $4.99US (!!!) through January 23. Now’s the perfect time to treat yourself to this bundle of three medieval romance series starters, The Rogue, The Beauty Bride and The Renegade’s Heart! The Rogue is narrated by Ashley Klanac, while The Beauty Bride and The Renegade’s Heart are both narrated by Saskia Maarleveld. I’ve included the other retailer links so you can comparison shop.

Kinfairlie Knights, three first in series medieval romances by Claire Delacroix, audiobook

Welcome to Kinfairlie and Ravensmuir! Claire Delacroix’s fictional medieval Scottish estate of Kinfairlie and its sister holding of Ravensmuir are the location for many of her bestselling medieval romances. Included in this digital bundle are three first-in-series medieval Scottish romances: The Rogue, The Beauty Bride, and The Renegade’s Heart.

In The Rogue—book #1 of the Rogues of Ravensmuir trilogy—Ysabella’s estranged husband returns to beg for her help. Does she dare to trust Merlyn again, knowing that he stirs her passion as easily as he hides his truth?

In The Beauty Bride—book #1 of the Jewels of Kinfairlie series—Madelyn flees her arranged marriage to a notorious outlaw, only to be pursued, wooed and seduced by Rhys FitzHenry. Can she save him from the legacy of his own past?

In The Renegade’s Heart—book #1 of the True Love Brides series—Isabella is intrigued by the bold knight who makes accusations against her own brother. When she follows Murdoch to discover the truth, she finds herself enraptured by his touch and determined to defend his cause. Can her love save Murdoch from his curse and see justice served, too?

Come to Kinfairlie, for adventure and romance, passion and pageantry, and loves that will endure for all time.

Buy Kinfairlie Knights audiobook:

Learn more about the ebook bundle of Kinfairlie Knights.

2022 In Review

Some years fly by in a hurry and some move a little more slowly. 2022 seemed like a slow-mover to me, but maybe I was the one moving slowly. Covid really gave me a kick in January and it took me a while to get back to my regular speed. I took the month of May off, choosing to spend it in my garden and rethink my work schedule. That was great and I may make a habit of it. After that, I decided to concentrate on my historical romances for the rest of the year.

Claire Delacroix 2022 New Releases in historical romance

New Releases:

The Hunter & the Heiress was a surprise addition to the Blood Brothers series – I hadn’t originally expected Amaury to need his own book, but I was happily mistaken in that. The Dragon & the Damsel was just as much fun to write as I’d anticipated as Rafael and Ceara were a great match for each other. Both of these books were also published in large print hardcover editions, like The Wolf & the Witch, and The Hunter & the Heiress is also available in audio.

The Hunter & the Heiress, book two of the Blood Brothers series of medieval Scottish romances by Claire Delacroix
The Dragon and the Damsel, book three of the Blood Brothers trilogy of medieval Scottish romances by Claire Delacroix

I also returned to the Regency era and that interesting courtesan Esmeralda Ballantyne. She inspired a new series called The Ladies’ Essential Guide to the Art of Seduction. I published the first two works in that series, both of which were longer than I’d originally expected. I had this notion that they would be novellas of 25K words or so. Nope. The Christmas Conquest is 40K words and The Masquerade of the Marchioness is close to 70K. I need to block out more time to write these because they are longer, but they are a lot of fun to write.

The Christmas Conquest, a Regency romance novella by Claire Delacroix
The Masquerade of the Marchioness, a Regency romance by Claire Delacroix

I also participated in several multi-author anthologies this year, including Twelve Lords for Yuletide and Rogues, Ladies and Mistletoe.


This year was enormously busy for translations of my historical romances. As you can see below, there were thirty-two of them altogether. While it’s fun to see my books in other languages, I’ve dialed it back twice already because the formatting and uploading is just too much work. I’d rather be writing new stories.

Claire Delacroix 2022 German Historical Romance Translations
Claire Delacroix 2022 Spanish Historical Romance Translations
Claire Delacroix 2022 Italian Historical Romance Translations
Claire Delacroix 2022 Portuguese Historical Romance Translations

Other Changes:

I did have most of my books in Kindle Unlimited for about a year, but decided this past fall that it wasn’t working out for me. They’re available at all portals again – although my Apple links have changed – and the reloading is a job I’m glad to have done. Some of my translations are still enrolled in KU and we’ll see how that goes in 2023. My newsletter moved to a new service, as well.

Coming in 2023:

I have several pre-orders already listed for the year ahead. First, there will be the next book in the Regency series, The Widow’s Wager, which features the younger sister of the Duke of Haynesdale and her secret crush, her brother’s best friend. The Scot and the Sorceress will be next – that’s Murdoch and Nyssa’s story and the finale of the Blood Brothers series. After that, I’m returning to the Rogues & Angels series with One Knight’s Desire, a tale of disguise and unexpected love. It’s pretty clear what I’ll be doing for the first six months of the year!

The Widow's Wager, book 3 of The Ladies' Essential Guide to the Art of Seduction series of Regency romances by Claire Delacroix
The Widow’s Wager
The Scot and the Sorceress, book four of the Blood Brothers trilogy by Claire Delacroix
The Scot & the Sorceress
One Knight's Desire, book three of the Rogues & Angels series of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix
One Knight’s Desire