More Print Editions of The Hunter & the Heiress

The Hunter & the Heiress is now available at B&N and the Book Depository in print! Also, the audiobook is now available at Apple. (For some reason, the trade paperback isn’t appearing at Barnes & Noble, though it may pop up there shortly. They can be a bit slow to load content coming from outside, in this case from Ingrams.)

The Hunter & the Heiress, book two of the Blood Brothers series of medieval Scottish romances by Claire Delacroix

Nothing could be further from Amaury de Vries’ expectations than joining his half-brother’s company of mercenaries in the wilds of Scotland. A knight and a champion at the joust, he expected to inherit a holding—until the man he has known as his father revealed a terrible truth and disavowed him. Left with nothing, Amaury rides to Kilderrick, where he loses his heart to a beautiful noblewoman in the forest. A practical man, he knows he has no right to court the lady, but when she is abducted, Amaury follows, determined to fulfill his knightly duty by aiding a damsel in distress.

Elizabeth d’Acron has been a pawn and a prize, pursued for her father’s wealthy holding, and wants only to be desired for herself. Seized again, she vows she will surrender to no man—even the handsome knight who comes to her rescue. And truly, there could be no one more vexing than this confident yet inscrutable man, so concerned with duty that he could be wrought of stone—but Elizabeth soon learns that she can trust Amaury to defend her at any cost. She does not expect the seductive fire awakened by his touch, much less his conquest of her wary heart—but has she fallen in love with a man whose affections are already claimed?

Snared between duty and passion, Amaury finds himself beguiled by the lady who challenges his every expectation, but knows he has little to offer her. But when Elizabeth is threatened by a former suitor who will not be refused, Amaury risks his all in her defense, hoping it will be enough. But can he intervene in time? And will love alone convince Elizabeth to place her hand in his for all time?

Five Star review for The Hunter & the Heiress, book two of the Blood Brothers series of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix

The Hunter & the Heiress is exclusive to Amazon and enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. If you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can read Amaury and Elizabeth’s story free.

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Five Star review for The Hunter & the Heiress, book two of the Blood Brothers series of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix

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The Hunter & the Heiress will also be available in an audio edition, narrated by Tim Campbell.

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The Hunter & the Heiress is available in a trade paperback edition.

Five Star review for The Hunter & the Heiress, book two of the Blood Brothers series of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix

The Hunter & the Heiress, book two of the Blood Brothers series of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix, hard cover large print edition

The Hunter & the Heiress is available in a large print hardcover edition.

The Wolf & the Witch Audio in Wider Distribution

The audiobook of The Wolf & the Witch is now available at more portals! Listen to this fabulous narration by Tim Campbell at your favorite streaming service or retailer!

The Blood Brothers series of medieval romances is being narrated by Tim Campbell. The audiobooks will be released as close to the publication date of the ebooks as possible.

The Wolf & the Witch, book one of the Blood Brothers trilogy of medieval Scottish romances by Claire Delacroix, audio edition

The Wolf & the Witch

Denied his rightful legacy, Maximilian de Vries devised a plan to avenge himself upon his father and see his own future secured. Allied with his two half-brothers, he descends upon ancient and mysterious Kilderrick, determined to seize the keep once promised to him, regardless of the price. A woman rumored to be a witch is the sole one bold enough to defy him but Maximilian has a solution—he will take her to wife, whether she be willing or nay, and seal his claim.

But this powerful warrior has yet to match wits with Alys Armstrong, a maiden with a thirst for vengeance and a fury that might exceed his own. Alys has no intention of capitulating to the proud and powerful rogue who stole everything from her—no matter how seductive his touch might be—and she does not share his compulsion to fight fair.

Bitter enemies from the outset, Maximilian and Alys’ match is a battle of wills. When passion flares, will either of them be able to resist temptation? And when Kilderrick itself is in peril, will they join forces to save the holding they each prize—and the unexpected love they value above all else?

Five Stars! Highly recommended as an excellent series starter of a place to start your love affair with Claire Delacroix books in general!”

Becca – Goodreads reviewer

Five Stars! Delacroix is a masterful storyteller who weaves together a fascinating tale of betrayal, vengeance, wit, fate and love!

Naomi – BookBub reviewer

Audiobook narrated by Tim Campbell.

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Kinfairlie Knights in Audio

I’ve published my first audiobook bundle: Kinfairlie Knights is now available!

Kinfairlie Knights, three first in series medieval romances by Claire Delacroix, audiobook

Welcome to Kinfairlie and Ravensmuir! Claire Delacroix’s fictional medieval Scottish estate of Kinfairlie and its sister holding of Ravensmuir are the location for many of her bestselling medieval romances. Included in this digital bundle are three first-in-series medieval Scottish romances: The Rogue, The Beauty Bride, and The Renegade’s Heart.

In The Rogue—book #1 of the Rogues of Ravensmuir trilogy—Ysabella’s estranged husband returns to beg for her help. Does she dare to trust Merlyn again, knowing that he stirs her passion as easily as he hides his truth?

In The Beauty Bride—book #1 of the Jewels of Kinfairlie series—Madelyn flees her arranged marriage to a notorious outlaw, only to be pursued, wooed and seduced by Rhys FitzHenry. Can she save him from the legacy of his own past?

In The Renegade’s Heart—book #1 of the True Love Brides series—Isabella is intrigued by the bold knight who makes accusations against her own brother. When she follows Murdoch to discover the truth, she finds herself enraptured by his touch and determined to defend his cause. Can her love save Murdoch from his curse and see justice served, too?

Come to Kinfairlie, for adventure and romance, passion and pageantry, and loves that will endure for all time.

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Learn more about the ebook bundle of Kinfairlie Knights.

Kinfairlie Knights Coming in Audio

Kinfairlie Knights, a digital bundle of three medieval Scottish first-in-series romances by Claire Delacroix

My boxed set Kinfairlie Knights is available at retailers again. This popular bundle includes three series-starters set in the medieval realm of Kinfairlie and Ravensmuir: The Rogue, The Beauty Bride and The Renegade’s Heart. You can buy it at digital portals, or directly from me at a better price. (Look in the Store.)

Why is it back? Because there will be an audiobook boxed set of Kinfairlie Knights available soon. Stay tuned!

Coming in 2021

This year is going to be a busy one! Here’s what I can tell you now about upcoming releases.

The Wolf & the Witch, book one of the Blood Brothers trilogy of medieval Scottish romances by Claire Delacroix

I have two new books on the schedule for this year: The Wolf & the Witch, which is the first book in a new trilogy called Blood Brothers, will be published in the spring. One Knight’s Desire, which is the third book in the Rogues & Angels series of medieval romances will be published in the fall.

I’ll also have two audiobooks published this year, both of which will be narrated by Tim Campbell: The Wolf & the Witch will be available in audio in the spring (in my attempt to move closer to simultaneous audio release). The Runaway Bride will be released in audio in the fall (in my attempt to catch up on audio editions for books that are already available). I’m excited to be moving back into audio again, and I love Tim’s recording of The Mercenary’s Bride. He has such a wonderful voice and a talent for bringing the story to life.

There will also be two new boxed sets. Stolen Brides will be published in February at a discounted price of 99cents for release. There will be another new bundle in the summer, but that’s all I’ll tell you about that right now. 😉

Stolen Brides Boxed Set, including four Beauty-and-the-Beast medieval romances by Claire Delacroix

I’ve had a lot of translations in the works, and they’ll start popping up this month. In German, you’ll see more of the Jewels of Kinfairlie this year, as well as the launch of the Champions of St. Euphemia. In Portuguese, we’ll complete the Jewels of Kinfairlie. In Italian, we’ll start the True Love Brides. In Spanish, we’ll see the Champions of St. Euphemia series completed and maybe even more.

Will there be even more? It’s possible. I’ll keep you posted.