Stocking the Store

The Champions of St. Euphemia Boxed Set including all five medieval romances in the series by Claire DelacroixI’m currently adding some inventory to the Store here on the website. It’s now possible to host this all in one place, which makes it much simpler.

Today, you’ll find two big boxed sets in the store: The Champions of St. Euphemia Boxed Set and The True Love Brides Boxed Set.

Both of these bundles include all of the books in the respective series. Both of them are priced that you get one book free when you buy the bundle. These bundles are available exclusively from me.

The True Love Brides Boxed Set, a digital bundle including all four medieval Scottish romances in the True Love Brides series by Claire DelacroixThe buy buttons will take you to PayPal. Once you’ve paid for your ebook, you’ll be redirected to BookFunnel where you can download your ebook in ePUB or MOBI. BookFunnel has terrific support and will ensure that you get your ebook onto your reading device of choice.

I’ll be adding a page with signed print books and will let you know when that’s done.

Right now, you can buy these two bundles in the Store.

Print Series Bundles

The Beauty Bride, #1 of the Jewels of Kinfairlie series of medieval Scottish romances by Claire DelacroixI’ve added some trade paperback bundles to my online store. If you buy the entire series in print from me, they’ll not only be signed, but you’ll get a free tote bag and a special price. Remember that the store operates in Canadian dollars.

The Bride Quest

The Rogues of Ravensmuir

The Jewels of Kinfairlie

The True Love Brides

The Champions of St. Euphemia

The Brides of North Barrows


Print Editions of the Brides of North Barrows

A Duke By Any Other Name, #2 of the Brides of North Barrows series of Regency romances by Claire DelacroixI decided to try a little experiment this month and am pretty happy with the results so far. My Brides of North Barrows Regency romances are novellas. This means their word count is between 25,000 and 30,000 words – while my books are closer to 100,000 words. I’ve had people ask about getting these stories in print editions, but in trade paperback, they’d make pretty thin books.

My Dragons of Incendium books – which end up being between 40,000 and 50,000 words, because they include a longer novella and a short story – are available in a special size from Amazon, which is 4″ by 6.5″. I like these mini-books a lot. The problem is that they can’t be distributed beyond Amazon and not all of you want to shop there. They aren’t even available to readers in all Amazon territories.Something Wicked This Way Comes, #1 of the Brides of North Barrows series of Regency romances by Claire Delacroix

The other company I use for print editions is Ingrams, and books from them are in wide distribution internationally. So, I tried out a new size there. It’s 4.25″ by 7″ which is pretty close to the mass market trim size of 4.125″ by 6.75″. The first two books I tried in this size were the two Regency novellas, Something Wicked This Way Comes and A Duke By Any Other Name. They’re about 1/4″ thick.

My copies arrived today, and here they are:

Print editions of the Brides of North Barrows Regency romances

The buy links for them are also live at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I’ve added them to the book pages.

You can also order signed copies directly from me in my online store. These will also include the digital version of the story, which will be delivered by BookFunnel once your purchase is complete in the store. Right now, the print edition of Something Wicked is available in the store, while the one for A Duke will be available on March 27.

The Plan for One Knight Enchanted

One Knight Enchanted, #1 of the Rogues & Angels series of medieval romances by Claire DelacroixOne Knight Enchanted, book #1 of my new Rogues & Angels series of medieval romances, will be published January 9 at Amazon.

The publication of this book is where marketing plans from 2017 collide with marketing plans for 2018. 🙂 Right now, One Knight Enchanted is set to go into Kindle Unlimited immediately, which was last year’s plan for historical romances. A number of you have contacted me, though, saying that you’d like to buy it at a portal other than Amazon. And my 2018 plan involves making my books available to you first through my online store, which can’t happen when a book is in Kindle Unlimited (because those books have to be available exclusively at Amazon.)

But I have a solution! On January 9, I’ll have the option to remove the book from Kindle Unlimited. I’m going to do that. I’ve also made it available to you today through my online store (as well as at Amazon) at the same price as Amazon. (Those are the rules). The delivery of sales from the online store will be handled by Book Funnel, so that you can be sure to get Rolfe and Annelise’s story onto your device of choice. You’ll have two weeks to buy the book in my online store. Then, on January 16, One Knight Enchanted will be enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. It’ll be available exclusively at Amazon from that point onward.

Pre-order eBook for January 9 delivery:

Buy eBook directly from Claire (Available January 2 – 15)

Order a signed Print Edition from Claire.