New Publication Date for The Scot & the Sorceress

I’ve moved out the pubilcation date for Murdoch and Nyssa’s story, which will now be published on July 15. I apologize for the delay but I want the series finale to be just right. If you’ve pre-ordered the book at any of the portals, you probably got a notification of the delay.

Amazon would not allow the publication date to be moved, so I had to cancel the pre-oder there. The book will be available at Amazon on the publication date, but you’ll have to order it again then. It’ll have a different ASIN.

I had planned to switch to creating pre-orders at Amazon only after I have a completed book, beginning in 2024. This just makes the change occur a little sooner.

I have two pre-orders remaining without book files – One Knight’s Desire and The Stolen Bride – and it is quite likely that I’ll have to cancel OKD at Amazon for the same reason as S&S. Although I’m writing more than usual this year, I’ve still fallen behind. I apologize for the inconvenience.

The Scot & the Sorceress, book two of the Blood Brothers trilogy of medieval Scottish romances by Claire Delacroix

Embittered by his losses and thwarted in his pursuit of vengeance, Murdoch is sworn to avenge his father. The sole means of striking a blow against his enemy, the Silver Wolf, is to seize that man’s beloved wife, Alys—but Murdoch cannot bring himself to injure a woman he has known all his life. When the wise woman of the woods offers herself in exchange for Alys’ freedom, Murdoch cannot resist temptation. The mysterious beauty lights a fire in his blood, a need for more than vengeance, and Murdoch finds himself enchanted. He never expects Nyssa, his apparent opposite, to burn with a similar desire for vengeance—but once she asks for his assistance, Murdoch swears gladly to do her will.

Nyssa is a healer and a wise woman, blessed with visions of the future to come. When her dreams fill with horrors for her kin in the distant north, she knows she must return to aid in their defense, no matter how long the odds against her. She strikes a bargain with Murdoch, a man with fearsome fighting skills, to aid in her quest, never guessing that her need to heal his hidden wounds will be so overwhelmingly powerful. Her visions warn that she has made an unholy alliance and that Murdoch’s anger will destroy her utterly—yet Nyssa cannot resist his fiery touch or the gift of watching him heal.

Bound together by passion and fury, Murdoch and Nyssa journey north, where they find her family snared in a battle that pits brother against brother. When Nyssa’s father surrenders her to his enemies for the sake of peace, Murdoch realizes that he must defend justice everywhere, beginning with the rescue of his beloved—no matter the cost to himself.

Series finale coming July 15, 2023

Pre-order available at some portals:

The Warrior’s Prize now Available in Italian

The Warrior’s Prize, book four of the True Love Brides series of medieval Scottish romances, is now available in an Italian edition called La ricompensa del guerriero.

La ricompensa del guerriero

La ricompensa del guerriero is the Italian edition of The Warrior's Prize, book four of the True Love Brides series of medieval Scottish romances by Claire Delacroix

La fanciulla era solo un altro bottino da conquistare…finchè non fu lei a rubargli il cuore e a cambiare la sua vita per sempre. 

Indignata per il fatto che l’anima dell’amato fratello sia destinata a diventare il tributo che le fate pagheranno all’Inferno, Elizabeth sa che deve salvarlo. Dopotutto, è l’unica della sua famiglia in grado di vederle ed è già caduta nella trappola che il loro re in persona le ha teso. Malcom può anche essersi comportato onorevolmente, offrendosi al posto dell’amico, ma Elizabeth sa chi tra i due è più meritevole di vivere e di certo non è quella bella canaglia di Rafael, che bada unicamente ai propri interessi. Dovrebbe essere facile fare una scommessa con un mercenario, soprattutto perché ad Elizabeth non importa il prezzo che dovrà pagare. Con sua grande sorpresa, però, Rafael non solo accetta la sfida, ma annulla l’incantesimo del re Finvarra con baci che le trasformano il sangue in fuoco liquido. Possibile che sia proprio questo guerriero apparentemente senza cuore l’amore che le è stato destinato e che lei aspetta da sempre? 

Al primo incontro, Rafael crede che Elizabeth sia un angelo inviato dal cielo per giudicare i suoi misfatti e sa bene quale sarà il suo verdetto. La necessità di sopravvivere lo ha costretto a fare delle scelte delle quali non è orgoglioso. Ma Elizabeth lo sfida a cambiare, e la sua audacia risveglia in lui una nobiltà d’animo che aveva dimenticato di possedere. Riuscirà questa coraggiosa fanciulla a sanare le ferite del suo passato? Riuscirà Rafael a guadagnarsi il diritto di donarle la vita che merita, e, soprattutto, a farlo prima che il re delle fate tenda la sua trappola, rendendo Elizabeth sua prigioniera per sempre?

The Hunter & the Heiress Audiobook at More Portals

The Hunter & the Heiress is available in an audiobook narrated by Tim Campbell. I moved this into wider distribution, and it turned out that the links populated at pretty much the same time as the ebook came out of KU. How perfect is that?

The Hunter & the Heiress, book two of the Blood Brothers series of medieval Scottish romances by Claire Delacroix

Nothing could be further from Amaury de Vries’ expectations than joining his half-brother’s company of mercenaries in the wilds of Scotland. A knight and a champion at the joust, he expected to inherit a holding—until the man he has known as his father revealed a terrible truth and disavowed him. Left with nothing, Amaury rides to Kilderrick, where he loses his heart to a beautiful noblewoman in the forest. A practical man, he knows he has no right to court the lady, but when she is abducted, Amaury follows, determined to fulfill his knightly duty by aiding a damsel in distress.

Elizabeth d’Acron has been a pawn and a prize, pursued for her father’s wealthy holding, and wants only to be desired for herself. Seized again, she vows she will surrender to no man—even the handsome knight who comes to her rescue. And truly, there could be no one more vexing than this confident yet inscrutable man, so concerned with duty that he could be wrought of stone—but Elizabeth soon learns that she can trust Amaury to defend her at any cost. She does not expect the seductive fire awakened by his touch, much less his conquest of her wary heart—but has she fallen in love with a man whose affections are already claimed?

Snared between duty and passion, Amaury finds himself beguiled by the lady who challenges his every expectation, but knows he has little to offer her. But when Elizabeth is threatened by a former suitor who will not be refused, Amaury risks his all in her defense, hoping it will be enough. But can he intervene in time? And will love alone convince Elizabeth to place her hand in his for all time?

Listen to a sample of the audiobook:

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The Wolf & the Witch Available in German

The Wolf & the Witch, book one of my Blood Brothers series of medieval Scottish romances, is available in a German edition today! This book is enrolled in KDP Select and available exclusively at Amazon, so you can read it free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Der Wolf und die Hexe

The Wolf & the Witch, book one of the Blood Brothers series of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix, German edition

Maximilan de Vries, um sein rechtmäßiges Erbe betrogen, plant, sich an seinem Vater zu rächen und sich eine eigene Zukunft aufzubauen. Im Bunde mit seinen beiden Halbbrüdern macht er sich auf den Weg in das alte, geheimnisvolle Kilderrick, entschlossen, die Burg in Besitz zu nehmen, die ihm einst versprochen wurde, ganz gleich zu welchem Preis. Eine Frau, von der es heißt, sie sei eine Hexe, ist die Einzige, die kühn genug ist, ihn herauszufordern – aber Maximilian hat eine Lösung zur Hand. Er wird sie zur Frau nehmen, ob sie das will oder nicht, und so seinen Anspruch untermauern.

Aber erst einmal muss der mächtige Krieger sich mit Alys Armstrong messen – einer jungen Frau mit einem Rachdurst und einer Wut, die die seine vielleicht noch übersteigt. Alys hat nicht die Absicht, vor diesem stolzen, kraftvollen Kämpfer zu kapitulieren, der ihr alles genommen hat – ganz gleich, wie verführerisch seine Berührung sein mag. Und im Gegensatz zu ihm fühlt sich nicht verpflichtet, den Kampf mit fairen Mitteln zu führen.

Von Beginn an erbitterte Feinde, liefern sich Maximilian und Alys einen Kampf, der zu einem Willensduell wird. Können sie der Versuchung wiederstehen können, als unerwartet die Leidenschaft zwischen ihnen entflammt? Können sie, als Kilderrick in Gefahr gerät, mit vereinten Kräften den Ort retten, den sie beide beschützen wollen– und vielleicht auch die unerwartete Liebe, die mehr wert ist als alles andere?

My Kindle Unlimited Plan

The Wolf & the Witch, book one of the Blood Brothers trilogy of medieval Scottish romances by Claire Delacroix

As many of you know, my medieval romances have come out of KDP Select and are now available at all portals again. The two exceptions are The Wolf & the Witch and The Hunter & the Heiress. Both of these books finish their current terms in KU in November, and will be republished at all portals then.

This means that The Dragon & the Damsel won’t be going into KDP Select in the near future, nor will The Scot & the Sorceress immediately after publication. I may enroll the entire Blood Brothers series in KDP Select at some future point in time, but not right now. After crunching the numbers, it’s clear that having my books available at all portals is a more successful strategy for me. I actually expected the opposite to be true, but the only way to find out for sure was to give it a try.

Having the books in wide distribution means that you can anticipate a sale on The Wolf & the Witch, probably in the new year, to welcome new readers to the series while book #4 is on pre-order. It also means that I’m going to try something new in February and that the publication date for S&S has moved to May. Stay tuned for details.

I also moved out the Masquerade of the Marchioness to December to give me a chance to catch my breath. 🙂

Once all my books are published at all the portals again – with updated interiors and shiny new links here on the website – I’ll be able to focus on writing more new books. I’m really looking forward to that. It’s been a busy year for updates.