The Store

I’ve been updating the site and configuring my online Store. I’m still working on the update of individual book pages, but there are some items for sale already.

For each item, you’ll be taken to Paypal to pay for your order. You can use credit cards there or your Paypal account. When you buy books from me, I’ll include swag with it. For ebooks, after payment, you’ll be directed to BookFunnel to download your ebook.

One Knight Enchanted, #1 of the Rogues & Angels series of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix
  1. You can buy individual signed books from me. The links will be on each book page, posted in USD and will include the postage to US and Canadian addresses. You can see a typical buy button on the page for One Knight Enchanted.
  2. You can buy an entire series of books in print from me and you’ll get them signed. When you buy multiple books at the same time, you’ll save on the postage price. The series bundles will live on the series page – you can see a typical buy link on the Bride Quest page.
  3. You can buy ebook bundles directly from me – when you do, your ebook will be delivered by BookFunnel. Many of these bundles are available exclusively from me. You’ll find them in the Store.
  4. Soon, you’ll be able to buy audiobooks directly from me. Stay tuned for that!
Knights & Rogues newsletter for Claire Delacroix's medieval romances

You may wish to subscribe to my newsletter, Knights & Rogues, since I often have sales for subscribers on content that I sell directly.

Stocking the Store

The Champions of St. Euphemia Boxed Set including all five medieval romances in the series by Claire DelacroixI’m currently adding some inventory to the Store here on the website. It’s now possible to host this all in one place, which makes it much simpler.

Today, you’ll find two big boxed sets in the store: The Champions of St. Euphemia Boxed Set and The True Love Brides Boxed Set.

Both of these bundles include all of the books in the respective series. Both of them are priced that you get one book free when you buy the bundle. These bundles are available exclusively from me.

The True Love Brides Boxed Set, a digital bundle including all four medieval Scottish romances in the True Love Brides series by Claire DelacroixThe buy buttons will take you to PayPal. Once you’ve paid for your ebook, you’ll be redirected to BookFunnel where you can download your ebook in ePUB or MOBI. BookFunnel has terrific support and will ensure that you get your ebook onto your reading device of choice.

I’ll be adding a page with signed print books and will let you know when that’s done.

Right now, you can buy these two bundles in the Store.

Spring Cleaning Sale

The Beauty, #5 The Princess, #1 of the Bride Quest series of medieval romances by Claire DelacroixSpring is in the air – the snowdrops are up! – so I’m getting organized. Since I’m not doing any booksignings this year, I have too many books. As a result, there’s an Overstock Sale on print books in my online store. The books in the sale are current trade paperback editions and are discounted – there’s nothing wrong with them except that I have too many copies.

When they’re gone, they’re gone.

Of course, all the books sold in my online store are signed, too.

The Crusader's Heart, #2 of the Champions of St. Euphemia series of medieval romances by Claire DelacroixThe store operates in Canadian dollars – just FYI, today $7.99 CA is about $6.22 US.

Happy shopping! Here’s the sale.