An Update on the Reading Guide

There’s a small complication with this year’s guide.

Previously, Amazon has pushed out the new edition to customers who have downloaded previous editions of the guide, which updates the version for those customers. This year, they declined to do so. This might be because more people have highlighted parts of the guide – pushing out a new edition removes all highlighting and notes for customers.

If you have the blue and pink 2020 edition, you won’t get an automatic update at Amazon and you won’t be able to download the 2022 edition since Amazon will say you already have it. So, I’m unpublishing the book at Amazon and publishing the pink one as a new book. That will change the Amazon link as the guide will have a new ASIN. Stay tuned for an update!

You can download the Reading Guide free at:

REading Order for Claire Delacroix and Deborah Cooke's books, 2017 edition
reading guide for Deborah Cooke and Claire Dealcroix books, 2020 edition

The Reading Guide is Updated!

Each year, I update my free reading guide and the latest edition is available now. I missed this job last year, so this year’s update is a big one. Next, I have to update the downloadable book list.

Since 2016, I’ve been publishing a reader guide as a free download. This little volume is thick with links. There are links to product pages as well as links to other content on my site that you might have missed—an out-take scene, family trees to download, audio samples, and swag. There are also suggestions for reading order, beyond the series order.

I change the colour each year so you know which version you have. The latest edition is pink.

Use the BookFunnel link if the guide isn’t free at Amazon in your territory.

You can download the Reading Guide free at:

A New Checklist

I was inspired by an article last week about resources available on author websites, and have created a downloadable PDF. It’s a list of all my books, including the available formats, that you can print out. You can easily keep track of what you have and what you want this way.

Here’s a screenshot of the first page – right now it’s four pages long:

Editions with a red dot are no longer available new. Editions with a green dot are currently available (although they may not be available at all retailers.) There’s a list at the end of what my abbreviations for print editions mean, too.

If you’d like to download and print it, here’s the link.

The Reading Guide is Updated!

My reading guide is updated for 2020! I’m a bit late this year, but it’s done now. This free digital volume includes information about all of my books and series, with suggestions for reading order, tropes, etc. I change the colour of the cover each year so you can tell easily which one you have – this year, it’s blue with pink.

You can download the guide free at your portal of choice. If it’s not free at Amazon in your territory, you can download your free copy at BookFunnel.

Sample of One Knight’s Return

One Knight's Return, #2 of the Rogues & Angels series of medieval romances by Claire DelacroixThe Rogues & Angels series of medieval romances continues with the tale of Quinn’s return home to Sayerne.

Knight and crusader Quinn de Sayerne vowed never to return home while his villainous father drew breath. Twenty years after his departure, he is notified of his father’s death and summoned by his liege lord to claim his family holding. But his overlord has a stipulation: Quinn must wed Melissande, the beauteous heiress of neighboring Annossy. Quinn hoped to make a match based on more than mutual animosity, but he is resolved to win the heart of his lady wife, at any cost.

Melissande cannot believe that her liege lord has not only compelled her to break an old betrothal but wed her to a ruffian—and granted the seal of Annossy to him, despite her expertise. It is the dream of Quinn’s father brought to fruition, for the holdings will be merged just as he long schemed. But her overlord cannot be defied and she finds herself the chattel of this rough knight, despite her every protest.

Can Quinn win his lady’s reluctant heart? Or is he doomed to lose Melissande forever when her betrothed returns?

An earlier version of this story was published as My Lady’s Champion. What’s different? Ha. Pretty much everything – except Quinn, who I still adore. 🙂 The book has been completely revised, and there are new scenes linking the company of Rogues & Angels to the story. Tulley has a niece now, too.

Coming April 23, 2019.

Download a free sample from BookFunnel

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