The Renegade’s Heart in Spanish

The Renegade’s Heart is available today in Spanish, in both ebook and print!

The Renegade's Heart, book one of the True Love Brides series of medieval Scottish romances by Claire Delacroix, Spanish edition

Ella arriesgaría todo para salvar el alma de él…

Liberado del cautiverio de las Hadas, Murdoch Seton no quiere nada más que olvidar sus años perdidos.  Emprender una búsqueda para recuperar el tesoro robado de su familia parece la solución perfecta, pero Murdoch no cuenta con una doncella curiosa que tiene tanto el secreto del robo como su única salvasión.

Isabella está indignada al encontrar la fortaleza de su hermano asediada por un caballero renegado, especialmente uno que es demasiado apuesto para su propio bien o el de ella.  Después de un solo encuentro, ella se convence de que la causa de él es justa y decide descubrir al verdadero ladrón, sin imaginar nunca que el único beso que habían compartido había lanzado una batalla por el alma de Murdoch.

Mientras las traicioneras Hadas se mueven para reclamar a Murdoch para siempre, Isabella busca curar al caballero que le ha robado el corazón.  Pero, ¿permitirá Murdoch que ella se arriesgue y se ponga en peligro?  ¿O él se sacrificará para asegurar el futuro de Isabella?

Esta es una traducción al español neutral de América Latina.

El corazón del renegado está también disponible en inglés como audiolibro.

Compre El corazón del renegado en ebook.

Compre El corazón del renegado en tapa blanda.

October 99¢ and Free Spooky Historical Romances

BookFunnel October promotion Spooky Historical Romances

This month, I’ve organized a promotion at BookFunnel featuring spooky historical romance reads that are free or 99cents. You’ll find Something Wicked This Way Comes and The Last Highlander among the listings, as well as other romances by bestselling authors. The promotion runs through the end of the month.

Visit the landing page.

More Books Enrolled in Kindle Unlimited

I’ve enrolled more books in Kindle Unlimited, so if you’re a KU subscriber, here’s your chance to binge-read!

These series were enrolled in KU at the beginning of the month:

The Bride Quest (including two boxed sets)

The Champions of St. Euphemia (including the boxed set)

The Rogues of Ravensmuir (including the boxed set)

As well as One Knight Enchanted, One Knight’s Return, Pearl Beyond Price and Unicorn Bride.

This week, I’ve added:

The Beauty Bride, #1 of the Jewels of Kinfairlie series of medieval Scottish romances by Claire Delacroix
The Jewels of Kinfairlie
The Renegade's Heart, #1 of the True Love Brides series of medieval Scottish romances by Claire Delacroix
The True Love Brides
The Mercenary's Bride, #1 of the Brides of Inverfyre series of medieval Scottish romances
The Brides of Inverfyre
The Last Highlander, a Scottish time travel romance and romantic comedy by Claire Delacroix

I also enrolled my Time Travel Romances.

Because everything is enrolled now, I could add the Boxed Sets.

As mentioned previously, Blood Brothers will not be enrolled in KU before the series is completed (and maybe not then.)

The Brides of North Barrows will not be enrolled in KU either, because those stories are included in anthologies that are in wide distribution.

Beguiled, a collection of short stories and romances by Deborah Cooke and Claire Delacroix

The only outlier at this point is Beguiled, my collection of short stories. Because The Ballad of Rosamunde is enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, Beguiled can’t be available at other retailers—but because the other stories are in wide distribution, Beguiled can’t be enrolled in KU. So, the ebook of Beguiled is available only at Amazon.

The Hunter & the Heiress Coming Soon

The next book in my Blood Brothers series of medieval romances will be coming in January and the pre-order is up now. The copy is, as usual, a work in progress that will be finalized by the publication date but I expect to have a lot of fun with Amaury and Elizabeth’s book. No doubt they each have a surprise or two for me.

The Hunter & the Heiress, book two of the Blood Brothers series of medieval Scottish romances by Claire Delacroix

Nothing could be further from Amaury de Vries’ expectations than being compelled to join a company of mercenaries in the wilds of Scotland, much less one led by his notorious half-brother. He chafes to return to his former life of privilege and knows a wealthy bride will allow him to regain his stolen legacy. Elizabeth is a prize unexpected—beautiful and an heiress—and when she is abducted by barbarians, Amaury’s path is clear. He may not be the sole contender for the lady’s hand, but he knows himself to be the best one—and he will use whatever means necessary to seal his triumphant claim.

All Elizabeth D’Acron desires is to wed for love, but her inheritance has made her both a pawn and a prize. Caught between warring chieftains, her defiance blossoms—she chooses instead to flee with Amaury and make a marriage of convenience, hoping her trust in the gallant knight is not misplaced. She does not expect the beguiling fire awakened by Amaury’s touch, much less his unexpected conquest of her heart, and she dares to hope that true love has found a way.

But Elizabeth’s legacy is not so readily claimed—when Amaury’s plan is revealed, she is shattered to learn that her chivalrous husband is no different from other men. Recognizing that the true prize is his lady wife, Amaury rejoins the company of mercenaries and leads the battl to ensure Elizabeth’s freedom, whatever the cost to himself. Can these two lovers overcome the wounds of the past to build a future together? Or will the secret behind Elizabeth’s inheritance destroy any such hope forever?

Coming in January 2022!

Pre-order available at some portals:

The Hunter & the Heiress, book two of the Blood Brothers series of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix, audio edition

The Hunter & the Heiress will also be available in an audio edition, narrated by Tim Campbell.

Boxed Sets in KU

historical Romance Boxed Sets in Kindle Unlimited

This month, I’ve organized a promotion at BookFunnel featuring historical romance boxed sets that are in Kindle Unlimited. This is a great opportunity for KU subscribers to binge-read! You’ll find The Champions of St. Euphemia Boxed Set and The Bride Quest II Boxed Set among the listings, and a lot of other romances by bestselling authors, too. The promotion runs through the end of the month.

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