An Update on the Reading Guide

There’s a small complication with this year’s guide.

Previously, Amazon has pushed out the new edition to customers who have downloaded previous editions of the guide, which updates the version for those customers. This year, they declined to do so. This might be because more people have highlighted parts of the guide – pushing out a new edition removes all highlighting and notes for customers.

If you have the blue and pink 2020 edition, you won’t get an automatic update at Amazon and you won’t be able to download the 2022 edition since Amazon will say you already have it. So, I’m unpublishing the book at Amazon and publishing the pink one as a new book. That will change the Amazon link as the guide will have a new ASIN. Stay tuned for an update!

You can download the Reading Guide free at:

REading Order for Claire Delacroix and Deborah Cooke's books, 2017 edition
reading guide for Deborah Cooke and Claire Dealcroix books, 2020 edition

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