Schedule Updates

The Wolf & the Witch, book one of the Blood Brothers trilogy of medieval Scottish romances by Claire Delacroix

If you have pre-ordered The Wolf & the Witch, you may have received an update from your portal of choice that the publication date has been changed. Maximilian and Alys’ story will now be published on May 11. As has so often been the case with my pre-orders, the final compilation of the book is just a little too tight, so I’ve added those two weeks to make sure everything is right.

There’s an excerpt on the book’s landing page, so you can have a peek.

If you haven’t pre-ordered The Wolf & the Witch, you can do so at these portals:

Deadlines are tricky for me. An approaching deadline can pull parts of the story into focus more quickly than they might become clear to me otherwise. Too much deadline pressure can undermine my creativity completely. There’s a balance to be struck, probably one I learned when I was traditionally published. I’ve tried to mimic that with pre-orders, but haven’t managed to get the balance right. As a result, in future, my books will be available for pre-order only when they are completely written, edited and formatted.

As a result of that decision, I’ve also removed the pre-order for One Knight’s Desire, which had been scheduled for publication this fall.

The Hunter & the Heiress, book two of the Blood Brothers series of medieval Scottish romances by Claire Delacroix

A number of other considerations also contributed to that choice, the first being that fewer of you are interested in medieval Burgundy than I am. The second is that series perform better when books are published more rapidly in sequence. As much as I love switching between eras and series, it’s not a good publishing decision.

The next book I write and publish will be The Hunter & the Heiress, book two in the Blood Brothers series. I’m hoping to publish that story in the fall. My plan is to finish that series before thinking about Sayerne or any other series again.

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