A Most Inconvenient Earl

A Baron for All Seasons, #3 of the Brides of North Barrows series of Regency romances by Claire Delacroix

The Brides of North Barrows series of Regency romance novellas will be completed soon!

In September, A Baron for All Seasons will be published. This is Anthea and Rupert’s story. Click on the cover to see the synopsis and buy links.

In March, A Most Inconvenient Earl will be published. This is Eurydice and Sebastian’s story, and it will be included in a Christmas anthology this fall. In March, it will be available on its own, in ebook and print.

I’m so excited to be finishing up this series!

A Most Inconvenient Earl, book four of the Brides of North Barrows series of Regency romance novellas by Claire Delacroix

Eurydice is convinced that a marriage of convenience to the notorious Sebastian Montgomery would be ideal: in exchange for one child, she can retreat to his country house to read and write to her heart’s content, while he continues to create scandal in London. The only trouble is that nothing with Sebastian goes according to plan, and she soon finds herself falling in love with her unpredictable, mischievous and secretly honorable husband. How could she possibly claim the heart of such a wicked rogue?

Sebastian is bored with life and all its amusements, until his friend’s ward makes a startling proposal. He likes that Eurydice surprises and challenges him—it’s only fair that he ensure that she has more experience of life to write about. A wild ride to Gretna Green and a very hasty courtship convince him that resilient and clever Eurydice is the perfect wife for him. He intends to court her properly and win her heart in time—but Eurydice turns the tables on him but soliciting advice in seduction from his former mistress, which leaves Sebastian scrambling to repair a Christmas—and a marriage—gone awry.

Solo edition coming March 2022.

Pre-order available at some portals:

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