The Bride Quest 25th Anniversary Kickstarter Campaign

I have an update for you on my upcoming Kickstarter campaign, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the publication of The Princess with new mass market and hard cover editions of all six Bride Quest medieval romances.

There’s a new cover illustration for each book. That illustration is the image on the mass market edition. It’s also the case laminate on the hard cover, which has a dust jacket similar to the existing trade paperback. These new print editions will be available at retailers in November – the pre-order links for the two new editions of The Princess are at the bottom of this post – but you can get yours early and signed or personalized during this Kickstarter campaign. There’s also swag that will be available only during the Kickstarter campaign.

There are two details in this update. The first is the link to follow the campaign, since the landing page at Kickstarter is now live. The second is that I’ve moved the date. Things always seem to take longer than I expect, so instead of running early in May as originally planned, the Kickstarter campaign will launch May 30. This means that all twelve books will be repackaged and I’ll have copies of them all before the campaign even starts. That way, I can focus on the campaign instead of madly coordinating things in the background at the same time.

We will launch on Tuesday May 30 and the campaign will run through Saturday June 10. The two new editions be available in my next Kickstarter campaign, through June 10. After that, you’ll have to wait until November to add to your keeper shelf.

Just to remind you, here’s the new cover illustration of Luc and Brianna:

The Princess, book one of the Bride Quest series of medieval romances, 25th anniversary commemorative edition, new illustration for case laminate and mass market paperback

This is the cover on the new mass market edition – here it is, alongside the original mass market edition, for scale. They’re pretty much the same size:

The Princess, book one of The Bride Quest series of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix, both mass market editions

The new mass market editions are also printed on creme paper instead of groundwood – the groundwood used in the original mass market edition changes color with age and isn’t quite as thick. I like the creme much better.

The new hardcover editions are really pretty. They have a dust jacket similar to the current trade paperback – but with the new seal for the anniversary editions. But instead of a plain case, these books are case-laminated, which means there will be an illustration on the actual book cover. The idea is to evoke those stepback covers we knew and loved. You get BOTH covers with the hardcover.

Here’s a photograph of the actual book, because I ordered a copy to check it out myself. In this picture, I’ve removed the front of the dust jacket and you can see the case laminate. The illustration continues around the back without type – there’s just the bar code on the back.

The Princess, book one of The Bride Quest series of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix, 25th anniversary commemorative hard cover edition

There will be similar new editions of the other five books, and they’ll be revealed during the Kickstarter campaign. The new cover for The Damsel will be revealed there tomorrow and I’ll show it here on Wednesday.

There also will be a new bonus epilogue to catch up with the family called Christmas at Tullymullagh, which will be included in the new print editions of The Heiress. It’s been added as a digital tier to every reward in the campaign, so all backers will get the ebook of this story.

Get them early.

Get them signed or personalized.

Get the swag.

Follow the campaign and get the books at Kickstarter.

You can also pre-order the new editions for November delivery from your favorite retailers. The links are live now for The Princess. The other books are formatted and loaded, and will set up for pre-order after their cover reveals at Kickstarter.

Order the 25th anniversary commemorative hard cover edition of The Princess for November 20 publication:

Order the 25th anniversary commemorative mass market paperback of The Princess for November 20 publication:

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