New Trope Buttons

First in SeriesI had an idea over the holidays and put it to work earlier this month. We all have our favorite tropes – like Second Chance or Marriage of Convenience or Hidden Heir – so I’ve added some buttons to the index page of my site. (Scroll down from Next & New to find them.)

Enemies to LoversI’ve sorted my books by trope, so each button takes you to a gallery of covers for books that fit that trope. You can click on the cover to go to the detail page for that book.

I think this is fun. What do you think? Is it useful to you? What tropes do you think I missed?

2 thoughts on “New Trope Buttons

  1. Love the idea! I use these on bookbub and also review shelves on Goodreads to find new books. It is helpful to see these from the author’s perspective 🙂


  2. This is brilliant and very useful since we all have tropes we enjoy. Judging by the number of covers under each trope we definitely love our Knights who are Bad Boy Heroes. Thank you for making it even easier to find my next read.


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