The Hunter & the Heiress Trade Paperback

Progress is being made on alternate editions of Elizabeth and Amaury’s book!

The trade paperback for The Hunter & the Heiress is available this morning at Amazon. It will appear at other portals later this week.

Buy The Hunter & the Heiress in trade paperback:

The Hunter & the Heiress, book two of the Blood Brothers series of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix, hard cover large print edition

There also is a large print hardcover edition coming. This one is also processing today and should be available by early next week.

Here’s the cover for the hardcover large print edition. I’ll share buy links when it’s available.

Mr. Math is proof-listening the audiobook of Amaury and Elizabeth’s book, and is really enjoying Tim Campbell’s narration. I expect he’ll be done tomorrow, then there will be a few corrections made, then the audiobook will be reviewed for publication at ACX. It’s hard to anticipate how long that will take (it partly depends on the length of the queue) but I hope it will be available in early March.

If you’re looking for The Hunter & the Heiress in ebook, it’s been removed from sale at most portals so it can be enrolled in KDP Select. It has to be available exclusively at Amazon for that, so I’m watching the few hold-out portals and waiting for them to take down their listings. Ideally, that should happen today or tomorrow, and I hope to have The Hunter & the Heiress enrolled in KDP Select on the weekend.

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