A Sneak Peek at the Bride Quest Kickstarter Rewards

Monday, I talked about Kickstarter in general and why I like using it. Today, let’s talk a bit more about those perks for backers that will only be available through the campaign (running May 30 to June 10.)

First, there are the books.

The Princess, book one of The Bride Quest series of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix, all print editions

This image shows all four editions of The Princess: from left, the original mass market paperback (out of print so included here for scale), the new MMPB, the current trade paperback and at the right, the new hardcover edition.

The hardcover has a case laminate, which means there’s a second image on the case of the book. It’s the new illustration, so with the hardcover, you get both images.

The Princess, book one of The Bride Quest series of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix, 25th anniversary commemorative hard cover edition

While you can order the new 25th anniversary editions of the books from your portal of choice (the pre-orders for The Princess are up now, for both the new hardcover edition and the new mass market edition), those books will be delivered in November.

By ordering them through the Kickstarter campaign, you’ll get them early.

You’ll also have the option of having your books personalized or signed, which is a great touch for your keeper shelf.

You can also save money on the hardcovers, if you buy entire trilogies through the Kickstarter campaign on the Early Bird specials. Sooner, signed or personalized, and cheaper too!

One of the interesting things about Kickstarter is that readers in different genres and subgenres find different perks appealing. I noticed in January that my readers really liked new content – the most popular tier was a new book in that world. So, for this campaign, every backer will get a copy of the ebook of the new bonus epilogue to the Bride Quest I, which is called Christmas at Tullymullagh. That story will be included in the new print editions of The Heiress.

There will be a stretch goal for a second bonus epilogue called Easter at Airdfinnan. If we reach the stretch goal, that ebook will be supplied to all backers and the story will be included in the new print editions of The Temptress. The first story at least (and the second if we achieve the goal) will be packaged in ebook and put up for sale by the end of the year —again, you’ll get them early if you back the campaign. These stories are an opportunity to catch up with the characters and check in with them. I’m working on the stories now and am having such a good time with them – it’s fun to revisit old friends! 🙂

I also thought it would be fun to incorporate the cover reveals for the other five new editions in the Kickstarter campaign. That gives me a good reason to post an update every day and switch out the graphics. Here’s the schedule for the campaign:

The schedule for the 25th anniversary commemorative editions of The Bride Quest at Kickstarter, May 30 to June 10

The little green clocks indicate Early Bird specials. Essentially, you save by committing to a trilogy (or both trilogies) before all of the new covers have been revealed.

For example, the hardcovers are priced at $39.99US at retailers. My campaign is priced in Canadian dollars because Kickstarter doesn’t give me a choice. $39.99 US is about $55 CA. That first Early Bird special is for the three hardcovers in the Bride Quest I trilogy, signed, for $135 CA. That’s about $100 US and it includes postage to US addresses, along with all physical and digital swag revealed during the campaign. That offer is only available for the first 24 hours of the campaign – it’s an Early Bird Special! – but I think it’s a great deal.

I’ve also gone through my books and have listed some of the original mass market paperbacks for sale as add-ons in this campaign. If you like the older editions, here’s your chance to get out-of-print copies.

There will, of course, be other surprises during the campaign, but here’s the one that I particularly like. I had a version of the dust jacket for The Princess printed on cotton (it has a lot less type) and am making fabric jackets to fit the hardcover books. If you order any of the signed hardcover editions, you’ll get a fabric book cover made by yours truly to protect your book while you read. You’ll have to wait for the reveal on June 8 to see exactly what they look like but I love them. I’ll only make enough of them to fulfil the rewards. (So, yes, if you back that $135 CA tier, you’ll get the fabric book cover, too.)

The final thing to remember is that you don’t have to buy print books during the Kickstarter campaign. You can back a campaign for digital rewards (like the ebooks of the short stories). You can shop for other medieval romances of mine – they’re ALL available in the add-ons – or save on my audiobooks during the campaign. You can even back a campaign for no reward at all, just to support the author.

25th anniversary commemorative editions of The Bride Quest at Kickstarter, May 30 to June 10

The Kickstarter campaign for my Bride Quest 25th Anniversary commemorative editions launches on May 30 and runs through June 10. I hope to see you there!

You can follow the campaign right here.

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