New Covers for Blood Brothers Trilogy

I decided to try something different for my upcoming medieval romance trilogy – or to return to something I did in the past. 🙂 Instead of having couples on the covers, I’ve had the covers for these three books redone with the hero alone. This often works well for my books because I write hero-focused stories and we’ll see how it works this time.

Here are the new covers for Blood Brothers:

The Wolf & the Witch is the first book, coming next April. It’s up for pre-order at a number of portals now. I’ve already contracted with Tim Campbell for the audiobook, which will be available shortly after the ebook and print edition.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “New Covers for Blood Brothers Trilogy

  1. They are divine! I love everything about them. The script, the colors, the titles and of course, the models😊 And I know that the stories will be amazing, as usual💖

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  2. Tim Campbell is GREAT. I’m sure the audiobooks will be wonderful.

    I think doing book covers must be a fascinating job. I find as I get older I appreciate male beauty more.

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