New Apple Links

The Dragon and the Damsel, book three of the Blood Brothers trilogy of medieval Scottish romances by Claire Delacroix

For a whole bunch of reasons, I’ve changed how I deliver content to Apple. This means that the links for my books at Apple have changed. All of the books are still there, and any that you’ve purchased will remain on your device of choice. There are just new links for any that you buy in future.

The first change is for my upcoming releases. If you have pre-ordered any of these books at Apple, your pre-order has been cancelled (because I unpublished that edition). Please re-order again with these new links so you get your book.

The Masquerade of the Marchioness, a Regency romance by Claire Delacroix

The Dragon & the Damsel

The Masquerade of the Marchioness

The Scot & the Sorceress

One Knight’s Desire

When the last of my historical romances come out of Kindle Unlimited, they’ll be republished at Apple with new links.

The second thing is that the links in the Reading Guide that was available at Apple won’t work anymore. I’ve unpublished that volume but the generic edition hasn’t appeared in the Apple store yet. If you downloaded yours from Apple, I suggest you delete it and either download the generic version from BookFunnel or wait for it to appear in the Apple store. The links in the generic version bring you back here to the website.

The other (horrible) thing that happens with this change is that all of the reviews on my books vanish in the Apple bookstore. This is because Apple doesn’t link various editions of a book together. So, if you reviewed any of my books on Apple before, I’d love if you posted your review again on the new edition. I’ve updated all of the links here on my site so you can follow the Apple link on the individual book page to Apple for the new edition of the book. Thank you!

I apologize for the inconvenience. Like most of these changes, all will be better once the transition is done. Thank you for your patience!

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