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I write romance novels, including medieval romances as Claire Delacroix, and contemporary and paranormal romances as Deborah Cooke. I also am an avid knitter and sewist.

Blood Brothers Heading for KU

The Wolf & the Witch, book one of the Blood Brothers trilogy of medieval Scottish romances by Claire Delacroix

This fall, I enrolled most of my historical romances in Kindle Unlimited, since Amazon is the portal where I sell the most historical romance. The exceptions were the Brides of North Barrows series—some of those stories are in anthologies that are available at all portals, so they’re ineligible for Kindle Unlimited and Blood Brothers. The Wolf & the Witch is available at all portals and so is the pre-order for The Hunter & the Heiress. Having the other books in KU working out fairly well and it sure is a lot less work to manage.

I had a hard look at Blood Brothers this past weekend, and it is amazing how heavily skewed the numbers are toward Amazon. I’ve started to take The Wolf & the Witch down from wide publication, with the goal of enrolling it in Kindle Unlimited by the middle of November. It’s come down first from the aggregators and KOBO, since those distribution chains take the longest to change.

The Hunter & the Heiress, book two of the Blood Brothers series of medieval Scottish romances by Claire Delacroix

The Hunter & the Heiress is available for pre-order at some portals and of course, I want to honor the pre-orders that exist. I’ll try a strategy popular with historical romance authors with this book—the book will be published at those portals so the pre-orders can be fulfilled. It will available in wide distribution for a week before being moved into Kindle Unlimited and made exclusive to Amazon. This works well for other authors and may prove to be the path going forward.

The Regencies sell much better than the medievals at other portals, so I’m thinking about starting another Regency series that will be widely available.

Historical Romances in KU BookFunnel Promotion

Historial Romances in Kindle Unlimited

I’m participating this month in a BookFunnel promotion featuring historical romances in Kindle Unlimited. You’ll find The Beauty Bride and The Crusader’s Bride on the landing page, along with many more books. Load up your Kindle with these historical romances from popular authors!

Visit the landing page.

Twelve Lords for Christmas Anthology

I’m participating in a Regency romance holiday anthology called Twelve Lords for Christmas that’s available now! My contribution is A Most Inconvenient Earl.

Twelve Lords for Christmas Regency romance anthology

From sexy earls to holiday ghosts, second chances to false engagements, find your Christmas cheer in these twelve sweet-to-spicy historical romance tales from bestselling and award-winning authors! The lord you’ve been looking for might be just a page-turn away…

A CUP OF CHEER – Deb Marlowe
The Earl of Chester’s wild ways nearly cause a disaster and set him to reevaluating his lifestyle. Paired up with his grandmother’s companion and charged with bringing Christmas to a lonely house, will he come to believe in himself—and love?

A spicy-hot story of a heroine with a flair for enterprising embroidery and a botanist single father hero. Can a scandal that compromises Amelia’s reputation give their love a second chance?

When Eurydice Goodenham unexpectedly proposes a marriage of convenience to Sebastian Montgomery, Earl of Rockmorton, the notorious rake is intrigued. Sebastian soon realizes that the unpredictable Eurydice is the perfect match for him – but can he convince his skeptical bride to take a chance on love?

On the run until she receives her inheritance, Ursula takes on the identity of an etiquette teacher and heads to Castle Dunrannoch to whip her ‘young charge’ into shape. But the long-lost heir is a whole lot more than she’s bargained for!

Of all the blessings of the season, sometimes the most unexpected is love.

A Regency heroine risks her overbearing father’s displeasure by attending a house party, never dreaming she’ll meet a formidable lord who will discover all her secrets.

Lady Natalia Soronsky and Lord Benjamin Strafford started out as enemies and ended up as co-conspirators in a faux betrothal. But the longer they continue the ruse, the more they start to wonder just how false their feelings are.

When Benjamin Storm, Earl of Kenley, is sent to Scotland to procure a missing whisky shipment, he encounters the most unusual smuggler.

JOY TO THE WORLD – Nicole Zoltack
Unbeknownst to Eliza Berkeley, the man she thought she was going to marry was not Stephen Huntington, the Duke of Wyndale. Will a match formed through deceit blossom into love this Christmas?

A reluctant duke and a charming commoner devise a plan to serve their own needs. A false relationship is supposed to be their salvation… Until love intervenes.

After a failed elopement ten years earlier, Henry, Earl of Carrington, and Anna, the widowed Viscountess Rycroft, are reunited at his aunt’s Twelfth Night party. Can this star-crossed pair find their way back to each other?

When Lord Vandover leaves for London, he promises his grandmother he will return with a bride. Unfortunately, with each simpering debutante he meets he regrets that promise more—until he encounters the lovely Miss Holly Paxton.

The Crusader’s Heart in German

The Crusader’s Heart is available now in a German edition, in both ebook and print! It’s also enrolled in Kindle Unlimited.

The Crusader's Heart, book two of the Champions of St. Euphemia series of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix, German edition

Wulf kannte seinen Platz – bis Christina ihn lehrte, auf mehr zu hoffen …

Als Tempelritter hat Wulf, ein Mann, der als Waise aufgewachsen ist und um sein Überleben kämpfen musste, dem Orden sein Leben gewidmet. Sowohl den Orden als auch seine Brüder wird er bis zum Letzten verteidigen. Doch als er trotz eines bevorstehenden Angriffs auf Jerusalem dazu abgeordnet wird, eine wertvolle Fracht nach Paris zu bringen, wehrt er sich dagegen. Die Aufgabe setzt ihm so sehr zu, dass er in einem venezianischen Bordell nach Ablenkung sucht. Wulf rechnet nicht damit, dort einer überaus schönen und scharfsinnigen Kurtisane zu begegnen, die ihn um Hilfe bittet – und schon gar nicht damit, ein unerwartetes Verlangen zu verspüren, ihre Bitte zu erfüllen …

Christina begreift sofort, dass der grimmige Ritter ihre Chance darstellt, einem verhassten Leben zu entkommen und ihr Vermächtnis wiederzuerlangen. Sie muss Wulf nur davon überzeugen, ihr beim Verlassen der Stat zu helfen, eine Herausforderung, die mehr verlangt als bloße Veführungskünste. Als Wulf angegriffen wird, nutzt sie die Gelegenheit, ihm ihren Wert zu beweisen, ohne zu wissen, ob sie der Situation gewachsen ist.

Als sich während der Reise die Zwischenfälle häufen und die kleine Gruppe in Gefahr gerät, ist es Christina, die errät, worum es sich bei der geheimen Fracht der Tempelritter handelt – und die den Schlüssel zu ihrer erfolgreichen Überbringung in Händen hält. Unterdessen entdeckt Wulf verblüfft, dass sie das Herz zum Leben erweckt, dessen Existenz er fast vergessen hatte – und als sie ihr eigenes Leben riskiert, um den Erfolg der Mission zu gewährleisten, muss er sich zwischen seiner Pflicht und seiner neu entdeckten Liebe entscheiden …

The Crusader's Heart, book two of the Champions of St. Euphemia series of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix, German edition

Des Kreuzfahrers Braut, Taschenbuch:

The Renegade’s Heart in Spanish

The Renegade’s Heart is available today in Spanish, in both ebook and print!

The Renegade's Heart, book one of the True Love Brides series of medieval Scottish romances by Claire Delacroix, Spanish edition

Ella arriesgaría todo para salvar el alma de él…

Liberado del cautiverio de las Hadas, Murdoch Seton no quiere nada más que olvidar sus años perdidos.  Emprender una búsqueda para recuperar el tesoro robado de su familia parece la solución perfecta, pero Murdoch no cuenta con una doncella curiosa que tiene tanto el secreto del robo como su única salvasión.

Isabella está indignada al encontrar la fortaleza de su hermano asediada por un caballero renegado, especialmente uno que es demasiado apuesto para su propio bien o el de ella.  Después de un solo encuentro, ella se convence de que la causa de él es justa y decide descubrir al verdadero ladrón, sin imaginar nunca que el único beso que habían compartido había lanzado una batalla por el alma de Murdoch.

Mientras las traicioneras Hadas se mueven para reclamar a Murdoch para siempre, Isabella busca curar al caballero que le ha robado el corazón.  Pero, ¿permitirá Murdoch que ella se arriesgue y se ponga en peligro?  ¿O él se sacrificará para asegurar el futuro de Isabella?

Esta es una traducción al español neutral de América Latina.

El corazón del renegado está también disponible en inglés como audiolibro.

Compre El corazón del renegado en ebook.

Compre El corazón del renegado en tapa blanda.