The Highlander’s Curse in Spanish

Annelise and Garrett’s story is now available in a Spanish edition!

Él estaba marginado y solo, hasta que ella le dio la bienvenida en su corazón…

Privado de su herencia y agobiado por el legado de su sangre Hada, Garrett MacLachlan cree que está condenado a ser un paria para siempre, hasta que conoce a Annelise de Kinfairlie, una gentil doncella con el poder de convertir su maldición en un regalo.  ¿Garrett podrá reclamar su legado robado con Annelise a su lado?  Si Annelise desafía a su familia a perseguir el amor verdadero, ¿será eso suficiente para curar a Garrett?  E incluso si triunfan sobre enemigos mortales, ¿exigirán las Hadas un precio que ninguno de ellos pudiera pagar?

Esta es una traducción al español neutral de América Latina.

La maldición del Highlander está también disponible en inglés como audiolibro.

A Baron for All Seasons Today!

The Brides of North Barrows Family Tree

A Baron for All Seasons, book three in my Brides of North Barrows series of Regency romance novellas, is available today! This is Anthea and Rupert’s story and a second chance romance. It has some lovely reviews already, too.

There’s also a new family tree for North Barrows that you can download.

The fourth and final book in the series, A Most Inconvenient Earl, is complete and available for pre-order for March delivery. Woo-HOO, another completed series!

A Baron for All Seasons, #3 of the Brides of North Barrows series of Regency romances by Claire Delacroix

Rupert Haskell has always thought that Anthea, his friend Alexander’s younger sister, would make an excellent choice of bride, but the loss of his inheritance made it impossible for him to court her. Caught between his honor and his heart, the only way he can show his esteem for Anthea is remove the stain from her name—even if that means having to watch her marry another man.

Anthea Armstrong left London in her debut season when she was falsely accused of theft. Now that the real villain has been apprehended, she’s returned to town to arrange her brother’s wedding. She hopes to once again encounter the mysterious suitor who stole her heart with a kiss at a masquerade ball…when she realizes the mysterious man is none other than Rupert Haskell, can she convince this proud man of honor to take a chance on love?

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The Ballad of Rosamunde in Spanish

The Ballad of Rosamunde is available in a new Spanish edition today!

This also means that the print edition of The Snow White Bride in Spanish is available, as it includes The Ballad of Rosamunde.

The Ballad of Rosamunde, book four of the Jewels of Kinfairlie series of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix, Spanish edition

Atrapada en el reino de las hadas, Rosamunde solo puede ser liberada por el amor verdadero, pero el hombre que ella amaba está muerto.  Padraig anhela ser más que un amigo… ¿podrá él ganarse su corazón para siempre?

Esta es una traducción al español neutral de América Latina.

La balada de Rosamunde está también disponible en inglés como audiolibro.

First Knights Today!

First Knights, a digital bundle of four medieval romance series starters by Claire Delacroix

First Knights includes four medieval romance series starters from the Queen of Medieval Romance, Claire Delacroix. Be swept away to a realm of pageantry and chivalry, where each knight competes for his lady’s favor, each lady knows her heart’s desire—and love conquers all. Included in this digital bundle are four first-in-series medieval romances: One Knight Enchanted, The Princess, The Beauty Bride and The Crusader’s Bride.

In One Knight Enchanted—book #1 of the Rogues & Angels series—Annelise seeks refuge at a keep when she is separated from her party and pursued by hungry wolves. The price of admission is marriage to its mysterious lord, and she agrees—only to find herself in a luxurious palace, and seduced by her secretive spouse. Her new husband believes he is doomed, but Annelise knows that love can conquer all. Can she save her husband from the curse placed upon him, or will breaking her promise to him cost any chance to win his wary heart?

In The Princess—book #1 of the Bride Quest series—Brianna is obliged to choose one of three brothers as her husband. Instead, she challenges them, vowing to wed the one who brings her a gift that makes her laugh. She has no intention of laughing at all, but one brother, Luc, declines to follow her whim. Sparks fly between the willful princess and the disillusioned knight after his brothers depart, and from this battle of wills, an unexpected love dawns. When the other knights return, will Luc take up his sword again to defend the maiden who has claimed his heart, or will Brianna be compelled to wed another?

First Knights, a digital bundle of four medieval romance series starters by Claire Delacroix

In The Beauty Bride—book #1 of the Jewels of Kinfairlie series—Madeline flees her arranged marriage to the notorious outlaw Rhys FitzHenry, only to be pursued and seduced by her stubborn betrothed. Is she just a possession to this man who wants a son above all else, or can she capture his love for her own? Why does Rhys tell her so many stories, and what do they reveal about her enigmatic husband’s hidden heart?

In The Crusader’s Bride—book #1 of the Champions of St. Euphemia series—the widow Ysmaine makes a marriage of convenience, accepting the offer of a Templar knight in Jerusalem who is leaving the order to return to France. When their party is attacked, Ysmaine learns that Gaston carries a secret treasure in trust for the Templars, Ysmaine knows that her new husband’s survival may depend upon her assistance—and that this man of honor has stolen her heart. Can she persuade him of the merit of love and trust before it’s too late?

The First Knights digital boxed set includes four thrilling series starters by Claire Delacroix, bursting with medieval romance, adventure, suspense, and love everlasting. Be swept away to Claire’s medieval world in this introduction to four of her medieval romance series today!

Available Today!

The Snow White Bride in Spanish

The Snow White Bride is available in a new Spanish edition today.

The Snow White Bride, book three of the Jewels of Kinfairlie series of medievla romances by Claire Delacroix, Spanish edition

El señor de Kinfairlie ha ayudado a sus hermanas, cada una una joya por derecho propio, a encontrar marido.  Ahora el propio señor busca casarse y pone sus esperanzas en la novia blanca como la nieve.

Lady Eleanor sabe que es mejor no soñar con el romance y el amor.  Casada dos veces para asegurar las alianzas de su padre, ha aprendido que ella es deseable solo por su fortuna.  Cuando las hermanas del señor de Kinfairlie le piden que se case con su hermano, Alexander, Eleanor acepta, esperando solo salvarse del peligro.

Pero Alexander no es como ningún hombre que ella haya conocido antes, un hombre más interesado en cortejar su sonrisa que su obediencia, un hombre que valora su consejo tanto como su pasión recién despertada… y un hombre que no sabe que Eleanor es la clave de una fortuna que podría  asegurar el futuro de todo lo que ama.  Ahora, los enemigos despiadados no se detendrán ante nada para asegurar la captura de Eleanor.  ¿Se atreverá ella a confiar en su nuevo marido antes de que sea demasiado tarde para ella, para Alexander y para Kinfairlie?

Esta es una traducción al español neutral de América Latina.

La novia blanca como la nieve está también disponible en inglés como audiolibro.