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One Knight Enchanted, #1 of the Rogues & Angels series of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix

Buy NowCursed to take the form of the wolf by day, Rolfe de Viandin is skeptical that love can save him. All he wants is to return home from crusade by the Yule and even the pleasures of a magical palace cannot console him…until a beautiful and bold maiden arrives at his gates, seeking sanctuary, and Rolfe’s hope is restored.

Hunted in the forest, Annelise de Sayerne has to surrender her desire to wed for love, as the price of entering the only refuge is marriage to its enigmatic lord. She fears he must be a monster, but once she experiences his kindness, Annelise resolves to find love with her new husband—if she can just claim his heart.

Even as Rolfe is beguiled by his bride and Annelise unravels his secrets, a spurned suitor pursues Annelise, determined to claim her legacy at any price. If Rolfe’s curse is not broken, how can he defend his beloved wife from the villain? Will their future be lost before it is truly won—or will Rolfe be convinced of the power of love in time?

An earlier version of this story was published under the title Enchanted.

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One Knight’s Return

One Knight's Return, #2 of the Rogues & Angels series of medieval romances by Claire DelacroixThe Rogues & Angels series of medieval romances continues with the tale of Quinn’s return home to Sayerne—and his arranged marriage by Lord de Tulley to the beautiful heiress Melissande d’Annossy. Too late Quinn discovers that his lady wife not only believes him to be the same manner of villain as his father, but that her heart is already lost to another man. Can this rough knight win his lady’s reluctant heart? Or is he doomed to lose her when her beloved returns?

Publication date TBD.

I’m not going to list this one for pre-order but will publish it when it’s ready to go. It’ll be available for two weeks through my online store and Amazon, then will be enrolled in Kindle Unlimited and be exclusive to Amazon.

An earlier version of this story was published as My Lady’s Champion.

Read an excerpt from One Knight’s Return.

New Pinterest Boards

The Crusader's Bride, #1 of the Champions of St. Euphemia series of medieval romances by Claire DelacroixI’ve been getting organized at Pinterest these past few days, and gathering inspiration for Rogues & Angels. My boards have moved around a bit, since Pinterest now allows them to be nested – instead of each book having its own board, each book is a section within a board dedicated to each series.

Here’s the board for the Champions of St. Euphemia. The board existed before, for the series, but the books were separate. Now each book is in a section of its own. I realized the “series” pins were really for The Crusader’s Bride, so I popped them into that section.

There’s a new board for Rogues & Angels, which is a work in progress (and will be until the series is all written). You can follow it right here.

The Mercenary's Bride, #1 of the Brides of Inverfyre series of medieval Scottish romancesThe Ravensmuir, Kinfairlie and Inverfyre books have been gathered into a single board, to better echo the structure of this new website. Each book has a section of its own and there’s another section for the three keeps themselves, because those details are common to many of the books. Here’s the Ravensmuir, Kinfairlie and Inverfyre board.

I still have my Medieval Eye Candy board, which is a catch-all for images that I find evocative of medieval romance. It’s right here.

I also discovered that I hadn’t turned on the Pinterest button for this website, but it’s on now – it appears when you hover over any of the images, and allows you to pin those images to your board of choice.

Meet My Rogues & Angels

One Knight Enchanted, #1 of the Rogues & Angels series of medieval romances by Claire DelacroixAs you may know, I have a new series of medieval romances launching in January with the publication of One Knight Enchanted. This linked series follows a group of eight knights who have fought together during the First Crusade and are returning home to Europe. Some have legacies: some don’t. All of them need wives and true love, whether they believe it or not, and we’ll take care of that in this series. 🙂

The series will include revised books (like One Knight Enchanted) and completely new works. I’ll be switching between this series and the Brides of Inverfyre series of medieval Scottish romances for the next year at least. I’ll also be linking the Rogues & Angels to some of my other series—these books are set around 1100, so you’ll meet some forebears of heroes and heroines you already know. At this moment, it looks as if there will be seven books in the Rogues & Angels series and at least five in the Brides of Inverfyre. There’s lots of writing ahead!

Right now, come and meet the Rogues & Angels. This excerpt is the prologue from One Knight Enchanted and it introduces the knights.

Back to Sayerne

A lot of you have asked me about my upcoming release, One Knight Enchanted. I did post in the description that an earlier version of this story was published under the title Enchanted. So, is this an old book or a new book? You want to know and that’s understandable—so, here we go!

Enchanted, a medieval romance by Claire DelacroixEnchanted was published by Harlequin in 1997. It had a cover by Pino which looked like this. When the rights reverted to me, I didn’t have a digital book file for the interior. I had a paperback copy of the book scanned. I thought I’d probably just have to correct typos and it would be ready to be republished. That’s what I did with The Bride Quest series and book #1 of that series, The Princess, was first published in 1998. I expected the book to be pretty clean.

Then I started to read the book, making those corrections. OCR scans include a lot of mistakes. The scanner often misinterprets the letters— “corner” might be read as “comer”, the rn combination being interpreted as an m. “I” can be interpreted as the number 1 or a lower case l. Sometimes the scan isn’t too bad, and sometimes it’s a disaster. I use another proofreader to catch the typos after I’ve gone through the file, and we keep lists of typical errors.

But in this book, there was more to change. I wasn’t happy with the storytelling, which makes sense when you think about it. I should have learned a few things in twenty years of writing and publishing. I wasn’t as happy with the writing as I wanted to be. I wasn’t as happy with the editing as I wanted to be. There were a lot of repetitions in the text, and there were continuity errors. The villain seems to have died twice, for example. (He’s really bad, apparently.) The Big Finish happens off the page and is never fully explained.

There’s something great about reading favorite books again and again for nostalgia, and I have a full bookcase of keeper stories which I love to revisit. I also think that when an author makes a new edition of an old book available for sale, it should be just as strong of a book as her current releases. This book wasn’t—and I had the power to fix that.

I started to edit the book more heavily. I cut chunks of scenes and added new scenes, especially at the end. It felt like a big revision, and the result was starting to look like a different book.

My Lady's Champion, a medieval romance by Claire DelacroixIn for a penny, in for a pound! Starting the revision meant that I needed to go deeper. Once the revision was finished on the book, I thought about the series. The stories I published with Harlequin were often linked, but my “series” grew out of secondary characters who had appeared in previous books. Those series grew organically and were never marketed as linked books by the house. In this case, there were three books that I considered to be a series because the protagonists were siblings. Annelise in Enchanted has a younger brother and an older one. My Lady’s Champion was the story of her older brother, Quinn, and was published first. My Lady’s Desire was the story of her younger brother, Yves, and was published third. I decided to change the order of the books in the series: even though I wrote Enchanted second, its events take place before events in My Lady’s Champion. So, One Knight Enchanted is book #1 in the new series.

My Lady's Desire, a medieval romance by Claire DelacroixAlso, when I create a series now, there’s more of a connection between the books than existed in these three stories. You can see from these three Harlequin covers that the books weren’t originally branded as a series.

But I wanted a powerful linked series this time. The fact that Rolfe (hero of Enchanted) had met Quinn (hero of My Lady’s Champion) in Outremer gave me an idea to connect the books a little more strongly. What if they had more than met? What if they had fought together? What if they were members of a company of knights who fought together in the first crusade? What if they had a reputation for daring and effectiveness, one that was the result of them having nothing to lose? What if Rolfe’s mysterious bottle isn’t the only treasure brought home from that market in Palestine?

I soon had a list of knights, all returning home, each bearing a gift said to ensure his future. The series is now called Rogues & Angels and is the first series set in the Sayerne world. Rolfe’s book is the first story and Quinn’s is the second, but then we’ll visit some of those other knights in that notorious company of crusaders. The other knights will pass through Sayerne on their way home, visiting either Quinn or Rolfe (or both.) I have a feeling they’re going to fall in love. I forgot how much I liked the Lord de Tulley and his interfering ways so we’ll be seeing more of him and his legacy. (Who is Tulley’s heir? I want to know.) There are going to be lots of new connections, too. I expect you’ll see fathers and grandfathers of heroes in heroines in other books and series of mine having their stories told in this series.

One Knight Enchanted, #1 of the Rogues & Angels series of medieval romances by Claire DelacroixSo, on the one hand, this is an old story. The characters have the same names and the basic story is roughly the same. On the other hand, Annelise and Rolfe’s story has been so heavily revised and even changed that it’s not the same book.

One Knight Enchanted is also the launch of a new series that will have more books in it than the revisions of these three. Sayerne will be the world in which all of my republished Harlequin Historicals are set, so you can expect more connections to be built between characters, series and books.

I think that even if you read Enchanted, you’ll want to read One Knight Enchanted, too.

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