First Knights

I have a new boxed set coming in August of four medieval romance series starters. This is a great way to sample my various series of books.

First Knights, a digital bundle of four medieval romance series starters by Claire Delacroix

First Knights includes four medieval romance series starters from the Queen of Medieval Romance, Claire Delacroix. Be swept away to a realm of pageantry and chivalry, where each knight competes for his lady’s favor, each lady knows her heart’s desire—and love conquers all. Included in this digital bundle are four first-in-series medieval romances: One Knight Enchanted, The Princess, The Beauty Bride and The Crusader’s Bride.

In One Knight Enchanted—book #1 of the Rogues & Angels series—Annelise seeks refuge at a keep when she is separated from her party and pursued by hungry wolves. The price of admission is marriage to its mysterious lord, and she agrees—only to find herself in a luxurious palace, and seduced by her secretive spouse. Her new husband believes he is doomed, but Annelise knows that love can conquer all. Can she save her husband from the curse placed upon him, or will breaking her promise to him cost any chance to win his wary heart?

In The Princess—book #1 of the Bride Quest series—Brianna is obliged to choose one of three brothers as her husband. Instead, she challenges them, vowing to wed the one who brings her a gift that makes her laugh. She has no intention of laughing at all, but one brother, Luc, declines to follow her whim. Sparks fly between the willful princess and the disillusioned knight after his brothers depart, and from this battle of wills, an unexpected love dawns. When the other knights return, will Luc take up his sword again to defend the maiden who has claimed his heart, or will Brianna be compelled to wed another?

First Knights, a digital bundle of four medieval romance series starters by Claire Delacroix

In The Beauty Bride—book #1 of the Jewels of Kinfairlie series—Madeline flees her arranged marriage to the notorious outlaw Rhys FitzHenry, only to be pursued and seduced by her stubborn betrothed. Is she just a possession to this man who wants a son above all else, or can she capture his love for her own? Why does Rhys tell her so many stories, and what do they reveal about her enigmatic husband’s hidden heart?

In The Crusader’s Bride—book #1 of the Champions of St. Euphemia series—the widow Ysmaine makes a marriage of convenience, accepting the offer of a Templar knight in Jerusalem who is leaving the order to return to France. When their party is attacked, Ysmaine learns that Gaston carries a secret treasure in trust for the Templars, Ysmaine knows that her new husband’s survival may depend upon her assistance—and that this man of honor has stolen her heart. Can she persuade him of the merit of love and trust before it’s too late?

The First Knights digital boxed set includes four thrilling series starters by Claire Delacroix, bursting with medieval romance, adventure, suspense, and love everlasting. Be swept away to Claire’s medieval world in this introduction to four of her medieval romance series today!

Coming August 17
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Nook Recommends Historical Romances to Binge Read…

Nook Recommends Historical Romance Novels to Binge-Read December 2020

Nook has a recommended reads list on their blog of historical romance novels and series that are perfect for binge-reading – while you await season two of the Bridgertons! I’m delighted that they’ve included my medieval romance, The Princess, which is book one of the six-book Bride Quest series.

Hop on over to the Nook blog and find yourself a new series to read!

Monthly Feature: A Marriage Has Been Arranged

This month, I’m starting a new column on the blog, by featuring books of a certain trope or theme. For November, my focus is on romances featuring arranged marriages. I love these stories of love conquering all, even when it’s unexpected. As part of this new column, the featured titles may be on sale at the retail portals, or newsletter subscribers will have the chance to buy one or more directly from me, at a discount.

The Beauty Bride, #1 of the Jewels of Kinfairlie series of medieval Scottish romances by Claire Delacroix

Probably my most popular medieval romance featuring an arranged marriage is The Beauty Bride, and it’s free at the online portals right now. This is the first book of the Jewels of Kinfairlie series: when Alexander suddenly inherits his family holding, he discovers that his carefree days are over. The treasury is empty and he has five unwed sisters, each of whom is determined to marry for true love or not at all. He knows he has to see at least two of them married before the winter and resolves to begin with his oldest sister, Madeline, who is the most stubborn of them all. Since she won’t listen to reason, he feels compelled to make a choice for her. Madeline, however, has never followed anyone’s rules—and if her brother thinks she’ll meekly put her hand in that of a renowned mercenary, both he and the bridegroom, Rhys, can think again. The Beauty Bride is also available in audio.

The next two books in the Jewels of Kinfairlie series, The Rose Red Bride and The Snow White Bride, also feature arranged marriages.

The Princess, #1 of The Princess, #1 of the Bride Quest series of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix

The Princess, book one of the Bride Quest, also features a defiant maiden unwilling to marry the man chosen for her. Brianna’s family estate is captured by a mercenary who insists she marry one of his three sons to solidify his victory. He leaves the choice to her. Brianna has no intention of marrying any of the three rogues, so she gives them a test: she pledges to marry the one who brings her a gift that makes her laugh. She’s pretty sure she can keep from laughing at anything and so avoid the old warrior’s plan. She’s not counting on Luc, though, who is done with the life of a warrior and has no patience with spoiled women who think they can make everyone obey their whims. He refuses to accept the quest, which infuriates Brianna—and you can guess what happens while Luc’s brothers are gone. I really enjoy the battle of wills in this one—it makes their dawning love all the sweeter.

Unicorn Bride, a medieval romance by Claire Delacroix

Unicorn Bride is an older book of mine, which has been revised and republished. I just love the new cover! I also love this story of a woman fulfilling an arrangement made when she was in her cradle. Alienor has never met her husband-to-be, although she’s heard a lot of stories about strange doings at his remote keep of Montsalvat. She finds a bridegroom in disguise, as well as enough intrigue in her new home to tempt her to flee—but her mysterious new husband is a passionate lover by night, which leaves her torn. Trust is hard-won between these two, but love does conquer all when Dagobert chooses his new bride over his inherited responsibilities.

One Knight's Return, #2 of the Rogues & Angels series of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix

One Knight’s Return is also a revised older title—I’m realizing as I compose this that I wrote a lot of arranged marriages when I was traditionally published, but haven’t written many since then. Maybe I need to mix that up a bit!—also revised and republished with a new cover. Quinn returns home from the crusades to his family holding, only to discover that his overlord has put a price upon the ruined Sayerne: Quinn has to marry the beautiful and independent Melissande from neighboring Annossy to have any chance of claiming the holding that should be his. He’s perfectly willing to do this, as he probably needs a wife and isn’t romantic at all. Melissande, however, is not thrilled with the plan. She’s not a romantic either, but sees this move as the overlord’s attempt to seize her prosperous family holding. Let the battle begin! This one is a battle of wills between two strong warriors, each of whom has to learn to compromise and delegate.

Part of this new column is that I’ll provide a discount in my newsletter for the featured books. The Beauty Bride is already free, so one of the other titles will be offered for 99¢ when subscribers buy directly from me. (Which one will it be???) If you haven’t subscribed to my Knights & Rogues newsletter yet, this might be a good time to sign up.

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One Knight Enchanted on the Charts!

My medieval romance One Knight Enchanted is on sale for just 99 cents right now. On Saturday, I had a BookBub Featured Deal to promote the sale, which propelled Rolfe and Annelise’s book up the bestseller charts.

Let’s have a look.

At, One Knight Enchanted rose to #49 overall in the Kindle store, as well as #1 in Medieval Romance and #1 in Shifter Romance.

One Knight Enchanted at $49 in the Kindle store at, #1 in medieval romance and #1 in shifter romance on September 20, 2020

Here’s that orange bestseller ribbon:

One Knight Enchanted is a #1 bestseller in medieval romance at on September 19, 2020

Over at Nook, Rolfe and Annelise’s book also did really well. It rose to #13 overall in the Nook store:

One Knight Enchanted at #13 overall in the Nook store on September 13, 2020

It was also #3 in Romance:

One Knight Enchanted at #3 in romance in the Nook store on September 13, 2020

And #1 in Historical Romance:

One Knight Enchanted at #1 in historical romance in the Nook store on September 13, 2020

At Kobo, One Knight Enchanted rose to #1 in Paranormal Romance, #1 in Fantasy Romance and #3 in Historical Romance:

One Knight Enchanted at #1 in paranormal romance, #1 in fantasy romance, and #3 in romance overall in the KOBO store on September 13, 2020

Kobo is the only store that currently has book #3 in the series, One Knight’s Desire, listed for pre-order. It’s coming October 2021. I’ll be able to add the pre-orders at Nook and Apple at the beginning of November.

One Knight's Desire and the Rogues & Angels series by Claire Delacroix at Kobo

At Apple, One Knight Enchanted rose to #23 overall in the Apple store:

One Knight Enchanted at #23 overall in the Apple store on September 13, 2020

And #3 in Romance:

One Knight Enchanted at #3 in Romance in the Apple store on September 13, 2020

Phew! What a wonderful array of results! If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, One Knight Enchanted is still on sale for just 99cents.

One Knight Enchanted, #1 of the Rogues & Angels series of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix

Kinfairlie Knights is Back

My boxed set Kinfairlie Knights is available again! This bundle includes three first-in-series medieval Scottish romances set at Ravensmuir and Kinfairlie. Like many of my other books, Kinfairlie Knights is now enrolled in KDP Select, which means you can read it free if you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber.

Kinfairlie Knights, a digital bundle of three medieval Scottish first-in-series romances by Claire DelacroixWelcome to Kinfairlie and Ravensmuir! Claire Delacroix’s fictional medieval Scottish estate of Kinfairlie and its sister holding of Ravensmuir are the location for many of her bestselling medieval romances. Included in this digital bundle are three first-in-series medieval Scottish romances: The Rogue, The Beauty Bride, and The Renegade’s Heart.

In The Rogue—book #1 of the Rogues of Ravensmuir trilogy—Ysabella’s estranged husband returns to beg for her help. Does she dare to trust Merlyn again, knowing that he stirs her passion as easily as he hides his truth?

In The Beauty Bride—book #1 of the Jewels of Kinfairlie series—Madelyn flees her arranged marriage to a notorious outlaw, only to be pursued, wooed and seduced by Rhys FitzHenry. Can she save him from the legacy of his own past?

In The Renegade’s Heart—book #1 of the True Love Brides series—Isabella is intrigued by the bold knight who makes accusations against her own brother. When she follows Murdoch to discover the truth, she finds herself enraptured by his touch and determined to defend his cause. Can her love save Murdoch from his curse and see justice served, too?

Come to Kinfairlie, for adventure and romance, passion and pageantry, and loves that will endure for all time.

Kinfairlie Knights is currently enrolled in KDP Select and available exclusively at Amazon
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