The Crusader's Kiss, #3 of the Champions of St. Euphemia series of medieval romances by Claire DelacroixIn January, I made a mistake. I was updating the files for the Champions of St. Euphemia series, and I uploaded the file for The Crusader’s Bride to Amazon when I should have been uploading the file for The Crusader’s Kiss.


A reader told me about this a few weeks ago, so I checked and uploaded the right file. The correct file is now available at Amazon.

Amazon, however, doesn’t automatically deliver updated files to readers. I asked them if they would do so in this situation and they took a while to consider my request. Yesterday, they agreed to deliver the new and correct file to everyone who has purchased The Crusader’s Kiss since I uploaded the wrong file.

If you do not receive an email from them, please contact Amazon customer support, explain the situation, and ask them to correct your book file.

If you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, I’m not sure what will happen. It’s probably best if you contact Amazon, as well, and ask them to deliver the correct file to your Kindle.

Sorry for the mix-up!

One Knight Enchanted in KU

One Knight Enchanted is now enrolled in Kindle Unlimited and available exclusively at Amazon.

One Knight Enchanted, #1 of the Rogues & Angels series of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix

Buy NowCursed to take the form of the wolf by day, Rolfe de Viandin is skeptical that love can save him. All he wants is to return home from crusade by the Yule and even the pleasures of a magical palace cannot console him…until a beautiful and bold maiden arrives at his gates, seeking sanctuary, and Rolfe’s hope is restored.

Hunted in the forest, Annelise de Sayerne has to surrender her desire to wed for love, as the price of entering the only refuge is marriage to its enigmatic lord. She fears he must be a monster, but once she experiences his kindness, Annelise resolves to find love with her new husband—if she can just claim his heart.

Even as Rolfe is beguiled by his bride and Annelise unravels his secrets, a spurned suitor pursues Annelise, determined to claim her legacy at any price. If Rolfe’s curse is not broken, how can he defend his beloved wife from the villain? Will their future be lost before it is truly won—or will Rolfe be convinced of the power of love in time?

An earlier version of this story was published under the title Enchanted.

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The Crusader’s Bride is Back

Now that the Age of Chivalry boxed set is no longer available, The Crusader’s Bride is available for sale again. (It had to be exclusive to the boxed set for 90 days.) Gaston and Ysmaine’s story is enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, too.

The Crusader's Bride, #1 of the Champions of St. Euphemia series of medieval romances by Claire DelacroixBuy NowGaston battled for duty and honor—until his new wife tempted him to fight for her love.

When the Templar knight Gaston learns that he has inherited his father’s estate in France, he accepts one last quest for the order and agrees to deliver a package to Paris on his way home. A practical man, Gaston knows he has need of a wife and an heir, so when a lovely widowed noblewoman on pilgrimage snares his gaze, he believes he can see matters solved to their mutual convenience.

But Ysmaine is more than a pilgrim enduring bad luck. She has buried two husbands in rapid succession, both of whom died on her nuptial night, and believes herself cursed. Accepting this gruff knight seems doomed to result in his demise, but Gaston is dismissive of her warnings, and Ysmaine finds herself quickly wed again—this time to a man who is not only vital, but determined to survive.

Neither of them realize that Gaston’s errand is one of peril, for the package contains the treasure of the Templars—and some soul, either in their party or pursuing it, is intent upon claiming the prize at any cost. In a company of strangers with secrets, do they dare to trust each other and the love that dawns between them?

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The Crusader's Bride, #1 of the Champions of St. Euphemia series of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix is also available in audioBuy Audio Book
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The Bride Quest Goes to KU

The Princess, book #1 of the Bride Quest series of medieval romances by Claire DelacroixMy experiment with Kindle Unlimited is going pretty well, so I’ll be moving the Bride Quest series into that program by January 1. I’ll have to start republishing them at the end of this week at other portals, so if you shop at other portals, this is last call.

The Bride Quest – all six books and two bundles:
• The Princess
• The Damsel
• The Heiress
• The Bride Quest I Boxed Set
• The Countess
• The Beauty
• The Temptress
• The Bride Quest II Boxed Set