New Books2Read Audio Links

Draft2Digital has just added more functionality to their Books2Read Universal Links. I already like how B2R redirects Amazon links to reader locations, and how it provides a handy display of links to smaller and international stores. This week, however, they added audio links. This is really exciting because the audiobook links appear on the same page as the ebook links.

I’ve been populating my Books2Read pages with links for the most popular audio portals. I’ve also been adding Walmart links, which aren’t always connected – there could be three links for any given book (ebook, print and audio).

Here, for example is the Books2Read page for The Beauty Bride.
Books2Read Universal Link page for The Beauty Bride, book one of the Jewels of Kinfairlie series of medieval Scottish romances by Claire Delacroix(There’s no Walmart icon for the ebook, because The Beauty Bride is free right now and Walmart doesn’t stock free ebooks.)

If you click on the book cover, you’ll be taken to a detail page for that title, which looks like this:
Detail page on Books2Read for The Beauty Bride, book one of the Jewels of Kinfairlie series of medieval Scottish romances by Claire DelacroixAnd when you scroll past the description, it will give you the series information, as well as my bio:

More detail on the Books2Read page for The Beauty Bride, book one in the Jewels of Kinfairlie series of medieval Scottish romances by Claire DelacroixYou can also follow authors through Books2Read and be notified of new releases.

And finally, if you go back to the top and click “See More by Claire Delacroix”, you’ll see a page of all my books, with a featured title at the top:

Books2Read page for Claire Delacroix, author of medieval romances and fantasy romances When you scroll down, you’ll find my books organized by series, with a note as to whether the series is completed or in progress:
Detail of Books2Read author page for Claire Delacroix, author of medieval romancesClicking on any of the covers will take you to a detail page, similar to the one for The Beauty Bride at the top. I think this is a pretty handy resource. In addition, if you create a free account with them, you can select your portal of choice and be taken straight to the book’s landing page at that portal every time.

You can visit the page for The Beauty Bride yourself right here.

More Links

At the Novelists Inc conference, I attended several wonderful workshops taught by Joanna Penn. In one of them, she talked about English-language markets outside of the US, and means of making it simple for non-US readers to buy books. Part of that facilitation comes from distribution, and part of it comes from website links. Many of the portals redirect you based upon the location of your ISP (server), but Amazon does not. Amazon has twelve regional stores, each of which has specific links for products like books. I used to have four or five Amazon links (US, UK, AU, CA and DE) but I thought those links cluttered my website pages. Joanna pointed out, rightly so, that it should be easy for non-US readers to click and buy a book at their portal of choice. Since I’m in Canada, it was particularly embarrassing to realize that I wasn’t supporting this on my site.

And so, there has been a change. 🙂 I’ve been adding some more links to the website, specifically to make it easier for those of you (us!) who live outside the US. In most cases, my books were already available at those portals, but I didn’t have a direct link to them on my websites. That’s all changed.

When you look at any of my book pages now, you’ll see a group of links like this:
What’s new is that the Amazon link is now defined clearly as a link to It always went to the US store, but now the link says so.

You’ll also see that there’s a new link called Books2Read Universal Link. This is a pretty cool service offered by Draft2Digital, one of the aggregators I use to distribute my books. If you click on this link for The Beauty Bride, for example, it’ll take you a page that looks like this:

The Beauty Bride on Books2ReadYou can see that there are more buy links here than on my page and that they’re outside the US, but that’s not all. First, if you choose the Amazon Kindle link, you will be taken to the product page for The Beauty Bride in your Amazon store based on the location of your server. Yes! It will redirect! If you live outside the US, this could be any of the twelve Amazon stores. You won’t have to fish around to change the link for Canada or Australia anymore: this interface will take you to the right store right away.

Secondly, if you create an account with Books2Read, it will remember what portal you prefer. So, the first time you click a portal on the page above, you’ll see this screen:

If you leave the box checked at the bottom, then every time you click a universal link, you’ll go straight to the product page on your portal of choice. That means that if you click on the Books2Read Universal link for The Rose Red Bride, right here on my website, after you’ve followed the link for The Beauty Bride to, then you will redirected immediately to the page for that book. You won’t see that first page with all the little icons again. You can, of course, change your preference in your Books2Read account at any time.

How cool is that? I think this is really, really sexy. The other side of this is affiliate codes. Most authors use affiliate codes from the portals, which pay a teeny tiny bonus for sending a customer to their respective store. Amazon, of course, has specific affiliate codes for each individual regional store. (The other portals with affiliate codes use a single code for the entire planet.) This service through Books2Read also supports all of my various Amazon affiliate codes, so each time you use these links, you’re adding a teeny tiny bonus for me. It is literally pennies, but pennies add up.

The final bonus of this is that I get an author page at Books2Read (actually, I get two!) where you can browse my books by series. Claire’s author page is right here.

I’ve also signed up for another aggregator to offer my books in more territories and portals beyond the big choices, and will tell you about that soon. 🙂