The Stolen Bride Cover Reveal

The Stolen Bride, book three of the Brides of Inverfyre series of medieval Scottish romances by Claire Delacroix

The Stolen Bride is Evangeline and Ramsay’s book, book three of the Brides of Inverfyre series of medieval Scottish romances. This pair met in The Runaway Bride and there’s a lot of energy between them. Evangeline, of course, will be expected to make a strategic marriage but won’t be pleased about it. I’m thinking Ramsay will offer the perfect temptation for her to defy her father, the Hawk, and to evade her arranged marriage. Hmm. But why does Ramsay want to marry her? Evangeline may think she’s jumped from the fat to the fire…

This one will be published in December 🙂

The Stolen Bride, book three of the Brides of Inverfyre series of medieval Scottish romances by Claire Delacroix

She will be no man’s prize….

Evangeline Armstrong is resolved to evade the strategic marriage arranged for her by her father, the Hawk of Inverfyre. She feigns compliance, intending to flee to the king’s court for protection once her party is away from Inverfyre. Instead, she is seized by Ramsay MacLaren, an outlaw and her father’s sworn enemy, and compelled to wed him.

Ramsay MacLaren owes a debt to the eldest daughter of the Hawk of Inverfyre, one he will never forget‚ just as he cannot forget the beguiling beauty who helped him escape her father’s dungeon. He has learned that no other woman can satisfy him, though he knows the Hawk would never allow their match. When Ramsay witnesses Evangeline’s departure with only a small party, he sees his chance and claims her for his own.

In morning’s light, Evangeline fears that Ramsay’s sweet words were solely to earn her capitulation—and support his claim to Inverfyre. All the same, she cannot regret the marvel of his touch. Does she dare to trust the warrior whose kiss ignites her very soul? For his part, Ramsay finds himself captivate by the woman he has taken to wife—even at the expense of his own plan for vengeance. Can he truly destroy all of import to her to avenge the past? When Ramsay is challenged by Evangeline’s wealthy betrothed, how can he choose between his vow to his family and the lady who holds his heart in thrall?

Evangeline and Ramsay’s story is coming December 26, 2024.

Pre-order available at some portals:

More Audiobooks

I produced a lot of audiobooks in a row, then stopped. Why? It was hard to promote them and I became overwhelmed. But I sorted out some distribution stuff (and am sorting out a bit more) and am looking at them again. There are some new promotional avenues, and I’m kind of excited about that. I know a lot of you love audiobooks.

The Mercenary's Bride, book one of the Brides of Inverfyre series of medieval Scottish romances by Claire Delacroix, in audio

I also found a fabulous new narrator. I’d been thinking about hiring a new-to-me male narrator for my series and listened to Tim Campbell, who narrates for Cynthia Wright (among many others). His audition blew me away, so we’re off.

He’s recording The Mercenary’s Bride right now. The stars aligned and he had time to squeeze it in this weekend, then he’s booked up. I feel very lucky and hope to be able to share a sample and buy links with you soon.

Here we go again!

The Mercenary’s Bride in Print

The Mercenary's Bride, #1 of the Brides of Inverfyre series of medieval Scottish romancesI’ve just created mini-book print versions of The Mercenary’s Bride. I call these “mini-books” because they’re 4.25″ by 7″, almost the same size as mass market paperbacks, but are still print-on-demand.

This makes them an excellent size to give away or donate. I’ve sent 100 copies of this print book to Lori Foster’s Reader-Author Get-Together to go into the goody bags. They won’t be signed—because I’m not an attending author—but I hope the readers in attendance will enjoy the story. RAGT has over 500 attendees so not everyone will get a book, but people will probably swap them around, based on their reading preferences.

If you order a signed print copy of The Mercenary’s Bride from my online store, you get the digital edition for free. After you buy the print copy, you’ll get an email from BookFunnel about the delivery of your ebook. They’ll make sure you get the ePUB or the MOBI on your device of choice. Here’s the buy link for my online store.