Quinn and One Knight’s Return

One Knight's Return, #2 of the Rogues & Angels series of medieval romances by Claire DelacroixNext week, I’ll be publishing a new medieval romance, called One Knight’s Return. It’s a revision of a story that was published under the title My Lady’s Champion by Harlequin Historicals in 1996. I know that some of you have been reading my books since those days, and suspect others are wondering why I changed the title.

Well, the book is quite different. The hero is still Quinn de Sayerne and the heroine is still Melissande d’Annossy. They still have an arranged marriage and are compelled to wed against their respective wills in order to keep (or obtain) their family holding. Sparks still fly between this pair. The story is still set in the fictional realm of Tulley, which is loosely based on the Valais canton in modern Switzerland, which is around the city of Sion. Berthe (Melissande’s maid) and Bayard (Quinn’s companion knight) are still interested in each other. 🙂

My Lady's Champion, a medieval romance by Claire DelacroixThere are many differences, even so. First off, the book is now part of the Rogues & Angels series, featuring eight knights who served together in Palestine. Both Quinn and Bayard were in that company, which agreed to gather again at Sayerne. Those other knights make appearances in this book now – plus Bayard now has a gift from the tavern keeper in the Holy Land, which influences his story. The second half of the book is new and I like the development of Quinn and Melissande’s relationship better. Lord de Tulley has a niece now, Heloise von Idelstein, who has come to live with her uncle after the demise of her parents. There are quite a few differences, so if you read My Lady’s Champion, you’ll still find a lot that’s new—as well as some parts that are familiar. I still love Quinn so he didn’t change very much. 🙂

If you intend to continue reading the series, you’ll want to meet Niall and Heloise, too, and witness their first meeting. They’ll star in the next book in the series, One Knight’s Desire. I’m already wondering how that charming rogue Niall MacGillivray will convince the stern Lord de Tulley to consider him a suitable spouse for Heloise—and what Heloise might do to encourage Niall.

One Knight’s Return will be available at GooglePlay on the publication day. The print editions might be available a little earlier, depending on the processing time at the various portals.

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The Rogues & Angels series of medieval romances continues with the tale of Quinn’s return home to Sayerne.

One Knight's Return, #2 of the Rogues & Angels series of medieval romances by Claire DelacroixKnight and crusader Quinn de Sayerne vowed never to return home while his villainous father drew breath. Twenty years after his departure, he is notified of his father’s death and summoned by his liege lord to claim his family holding. But his overlord has a stipulation: Quinn must wed Melissande, the beauteous heiress of neighboring Annossy. Quinn hoped to make a match based on more than mutual animosity, but he is resolved to win the heart of his lady wife, at any cost.

Melissande cannot believe that her liege lord has not only compelled her to break an old betrothal but wed her to a ruffian—and granted the seal of Annossy to him, despite her expertise. It is the dream of Quinn’s father brought to fruition, for the holdings will be merged just as he long schemed. But her overlord cannot be defied and she finds herself the chattel of this rough knight, despite her every protest.

Can Quinn win his lady’s reluctant heart? Or is he doomed to lose Melissande forever when her betrothed returns?

An earlier version of this story was published as My Lady’s Champion. What’s different? Ha. Pretty much everything – except Quinn, who I still adore. 🙂 The book has been completely revised, and there are new scenes linking the company of Rogues & Angels to the story. Tulley has a niece now, too.

Coming April 23, 2019.

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The Runaway Bride Pre-Orders

The Runaway Bride, book #2 of the Brides of Inverfyre series of medieval Scottish romances by Claire DelacroixThe Runaway Bride, book #2 of my Brides of Inverfyre series of medieval Scottish romances, is available for pre-order!

Aoife MacArthur is a beauty and a prize, an heiress who wants to marry for love—but her father has arranged her marriage to Nigel Armstrong, the oldest son and heir of the Hawk of Inverfyre. One look confirms that Nigel will never possess her heart—although his cousin, Ross of Kinfairlie, is another matter. Aoife knows she cannot escape her fate, but yearns for one last adventure: she will flee Inverfyre and hope that Ross will be sent in pursuit. She tells herself that one kiss will be sufficient…

Ross Lammergeier is a mercenary with a blade for hire, for he has not the coin to claim a bride. When his cousin’s betrothed flees, he lends chase, for the Hawk of Inverfyre trained him. Ross suspects that Nigel’s betrothed plays a game, but Aoife’s ploy is dangerous—for the treacherous MacLaren clan, always seeking to undermine Inverfyre, take her captive. In the course of rescuing Aoife and ensuring her safety, Ross finds himself captivated by the fierce and beautiful maiden. When they both surrender to temptation, their futures are changed—not least by the surprise attack of the MacLaren clan. How much will Ross surrender to guarantee Aoife’s safety? And how much will Aoife give to protect the man who has captured her heart?

Coming October 30!

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The Plan for One Knight Enchanted

One Knight Enchanted, #1 of the Rogues & Angels series of medieval romances by Claire DelacroixOne Knight Enchanted, book #1 of my new Rogues & Angels series of medieval romances, will be published January 9 at Amazon.

The publication of this book is where marketing plans from 2017 collide with marketing plans for 2018. 🙂 Right now, One Knight Enchanted is set to go into Kindle Unlimited immediately, which was last year’s plan for historical romances. A number of you have contacted me, though, saying that you’d like to buy it at a portal other than Amazon. And my 2018 plan involves making my books available to you first through my online store, which can’t happen when a book is in Kindle Unlimited (because those books have to be available exclusively at Amazon.)

But I have a solution! On January 9, I’ll have the option to remove the book from Kindle Unlimited. I’m going to do that. I’ve also made it available to you today through my online store (as well as at Amazon) at the same price as Amazon. (Those are the rules). The delivery of sales from the online store will be handled by Book Funnel, so that you can be sure to get Rolfe and Annelise’s story onto your device of choice. You’ll have two weeks to buy the book in my online store. Then, on January 16, One Knight Enchanted will be enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. It’ll be available exclusively at Amazon from that point onward.

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